May 9th, 2019
With the Legislature & Primary in the Rearview Mirror, What Will We Talk About?
There’s always the weather … It was a long cold winter followed by a pretty wet spring; somewhere in there, the sun came out, the grass greened up and blooms burst forth. With the hullaballoo of the primaries behind us (recycle those campaign signs and direct mail cards!), get ready for an active season of construction and development announcements and preparations.

Primary Colors. While we won’t bore you with another redux of results, we did dive into the 2019 Primary Turnout Report that reveals some surprising realities. Despite feeling like everyone was tuned into a hotly contested and sometimes contentious election in Carmel (and SURELY that would increase turnout!), only 21.1 percent (15,451) of the 73,106 registered voters made it to the polls. That’s not too far off the last Mayoral primary in 2015 that brought out 15,280 votes. Meanwhile, Fishers had only a 15.8% turnout (7,981 voters out of 65,649 registered), despite a Mayor’s race. As a whole, Hamilton County had a sad 16.9% voter turnout … in 2015, 16.11%. As one successful candidate who shall remain nameless remarked, “You’d think after spending all that money on direct mail and advertising, we’d have a better turnout.” Nope. And resist the temptation to calculate the cost per voting resident. Somehow, some way, we’ve got to do better.

Next Stop, Summer Committees . Governor Eric Holcomb may have writer’s cramp this morning, after meeting the May 8 th signing deadline for all those bills that made it through the legislature … the last one to receive the official “Colonel Potter Okey-Dokey” being the gaming bill signed late last evening (legalizing mobile sports wagering and allowing a Terre Haute casino). If you want to “ dig deep,” feel free , but suffice it to say we will have a more user-friendly recap in the next few days. And, in the legislative version of “summer camp,” the interim study committee topics will be announced during the May 21st Legislative Council meeting.

Cone Zone Season Heats Up . Hey, it’s not summer without a few detours … and Summer of 2019 will be no exception. On Carmel’s summer’s schedule, a new roundabout at 116 th and Range Line Road as well three new roundabouts along 96 th Street (Delegate’s Row, Gray Road and Haverstick Road) plus Carmel Drive and Pennsylvania are on the way. You can check in to CarmelLink for updated info! In Fishers, the Allisonville Road project is wrapping up; however as we all know, the work on SR 37 continues and will for a while. Following @DriveFishers on Twitter provides daily updates on progress and suggested detours.

PlusOne : Kudos to the HSE School Board for adding important language to its Anti-Discrimination policy following strong encouragement from the community ( including OneZone ).
PlusTwo: If you want to hear the Fishers State of the City, make your reservations NOW for the May 22 OneZone Luncheon. We encourage car pooling and arriving early.