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We Save Lives Highlights our San Diego Victim Advocate - Paula Myers
  "Her excellence comes from her ability to combine her knowledge of the criminal justice system, and victim trauma with her ability to effectively communicate with law enforcement, prosecutors and judges." Summer Stephan, Chief Deputy District Attorney, San Diego County District Attorney's Office"

PAULA MYERS has been involved in the anti-impaired driving movement in San Diego for more than 25 years as both a victim advocate and law enforcement liaison.  She is a survivor of two separate impaired driving crashes and knows firsthand the trauma and anger of being involved in a violent crime.  She has worked with thousands of victims of DUI crashes, their families and friends providing emotional support, impaired driving information, resource referrals, criminal justice information and court accompaniment.   We are fortunate that she is now working with We Save Lives in San Diego.
Guest Blog by Stan Marks, Esq. 

Do you know what  under-Insured (UIM) coverage is? If not, you may want to read this article.  Learn how to protect yourself and your family from financial devastation when  a  crash occurs.

Florida Should Make Distracted Driving a Primary Offense.
Distracted Driving crashes have increased more than
25%  in Florida since 2012.
Vermont Wants to Stop Drugged Driving
Different drugs were in the systems of 12 of the 59 drivers involved in 42 crashes in 2014 that resulted in

Should California Increase Education for Drivers Driving Under the Influence of Both Drugs & Alcohol?
Drug-involved crash fatalities increased by 9% in 2013, following a 15.4% increase in 2012.
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