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Did you know that March is National Brain Injury Month?

Living with a Brain Injured Child

By Candace Lightner

I have a special interest in this as my son, Travis, was run over by a car when he was 4 years old.  The driver was on prescription meds and distracted by her baby in the back seat.  He was outside with his friends, sisters and neighbor children and because  his friends, sisters and neighbor children and because  we lived in a  cul-de-sac, I thought we were safe. 

The day is forever etched in my memory. I was on the phone when I heard my daughter, Cari, scream that Travis was dead.   I ran out the door and helped lift the car off his precious little body.  I rode to the hospital in the ambulance with him and cursed when other drivers wouldn't pull over.  I listened as the doctors told me he probably would not survive the surgery and if he did, he might be permanently brain injured.  I just told them to fix whatever was wrong and left the room. He was in surgery for more than 6 hours and they told me they didn't know what to fix first.  He was in a coma for 4 days and the first thing he did as he was coming out of the coma was to kiss the air so we had to lean over the railings so he could kiss us and we constantly kept kissing him.  They put a picture of him in his bed so he could see what he looked like because his head was so swollen.  His little body was so torn and broken that I thought he would never heal, but his body did as best it could.  He lost his spleen so we have ongoing issues when he gets sick and his brain is not the same. It isn't as bad as they predicted but he has permanent learning disabilities. Link to the blog   
We Save Lives' Safe Roads Alliance, End DD,  Jeff Larason,  co-founder, Drop the "A" Word campaign, and others launched a campaign to convince the Denver Police to drop the "A" word and use crash instead.  If it involves  drunk or drugged driving  
we  encouraged them to use crime.   It is a crime and a violent crime, but people forget, including the police.   To give credit where credit is due, the Denver Police initiated a vote on their twitter page because they said there is a national movement to change the word from accident to crash.  We jumped on their challenge -  tweeting and posting on FB while keeping tabs on the votes.  Our friends and followers responded by carrying the message to their followers and friends.  The final result?   56% said call them "crashes" and 44% said to keep calling them accidents.  Obviously none of those 44% were crash and crime victims whose loved ones were killed by a drunk, drugged or distracted driver or by any other deadly driving decision someone made.   We are still waiting for the change.  Their latest posting on our Face Book page said " We heard you and are discussing a possible change!" Let them know you agree.  You can comment on their Face Book   page.   Thanks for your help!

California - Save a Life Now
Help Stop Drugged Driving.  Please Support SB 1462.

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