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Distracted Driving
Distracted Driving

Partner Highlights

florida students against destructive decisions
Fall 2014

Welcome to We Save Lives.org. We thank you for partnering with us in our ongoing efforts to save lives by educating the public about the 3 D's, drunk, drugged and distracted driving. We are looking forward to your participation.  

Open Letter to States Considering Marijuana Legalization
We Save Lives.org does not take a position on the legalization issue of medicinal or recreational marijuana.  We do however, take a strong position against driving under the influence of marijuana and other mind altering substances.  The following letter is from one of our partners, Ed Wood, founder of DUID Victim Voices.  Ed's son was killed by someone driving under the influence of marijuana.

Those who say that Colorado's "experiment" in legalizing marijuana proves it can be done safely with proper regulation don't realize that in an experiment, one must control input variables and measure outcomes. Colorado does neither, so its dalliance with legalization cannot properly be termed an experiment. Although it regulates retail and "medical" cannabis stores, the July 9th Department of Revenue report shows that less than one-half of Colorado's estimated 160 metric ton annual consumption of marijuana comes from regulated stores. Potency, purity or consumption of edibles, hash oil or other concentrates are not regulated. And measuring outcomes? The only outcome that is measured by the state is tax revenue, which is falling short of projections.

Voice for Highway Safety Award
The WSL "Voice for Highway Safety Award."

Three young men are our award recipients and their stories are such an inspiration for all who care about the issue of distracted driving. Spurred by the tragedy of a friend, Matt Salit and his triplet brothers began an odyssey into the world of texting and driving that led to numerous awards and presentations to more than 70,000 high school students.  You can congratulate them on our Facebook page


Y&R Bravo Office Becomes a Partner

We Save Lives and the Y & R Bravo office have joined forces to help advocate against the 3 D's. We will be undergoing a major facelift in the near future thanks to their creative genius.   Stay tuned . . . .

Partnering with We Save Lives.org

If you are a non-profit and would like to partner with We Save Lives.org. click on this link Partner With Us.  If your business would like to sponsor our organization, contact us.  
Our mission starts with people like you who believe in investing in safer travel on our highways and saving lives. Thank you!
Next issue -More on drugged driving  plus our legislative priorities

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