Dr Foley and I spoke at the Bukkichong North Korean Defector Pastors Association summer retreat on August 10. We urged the association members to become proficient in North Korean underground church planting methods and to apply these in both North and South Korea, instead of using South Korean and Western methods.

Warmly in Christ,
Pastor Foley and Dr. Foley

We've all heard how China pulls crosses off of churches, but now China is pulling crosses off of fishing boats!

Qushan area fishermen have been displaying crosses on their boats for years, but only recently has the government forced the removal of these crosses.

Putting your Bible in your bag is great, but putting your Bible in your head and heart is far more beneficial . . . even for adults!

In countries like North Korea, they have no choice but to do so, because the Bible is forbidden.

In this Hebrews 13:3 video, Trevor and Mr. Oh give a few easy tips to help us memorize Scripture!

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Pray for those who already received the Sunday School in a Box (SSIB) materials. While the act of reading/watching the materials in the SSIBs could be considered dangerous and illegal, those who have received them are overjoyed! Please pray that they would grow in their knowledge and love of Jesus and that the Lord would use each family to reach other Chinese with the Gospel.

Pray for both South Koreans and North Koreans as they record our radio broadcasts. Every week we have multiple people in our studio who record their voices to be sent to North Korea. They are most often recording Scripture passages and sermons which were written by early Korean Christians. Pray that the Lord would use these broadcasts to not only touch the hearts of the listeners, but of those recording as well!