Since Monday, over 2,000 rockets have been fired by the Hamas terror organization from the Gaza Strip, sending millions of Israelis rushing for shelter. Iron Dome has successfully intercepted around 90% of those aimed at populated civilian areas and many have fallen short landing in Palestinian territory. In response to mounting property damage and casualties, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) launched Operation Guardian of the Walls.
Message From Ron and Sue
Israel has long been our Jewish homeland, a refuge for Jews from around the world, and a proud beacon of democracy. We hold her aspirations to be a light unto the nations among our highest ideals. 
Like Jews everywhere, we at the Federation are saddened and angered by the tragic events that have unfolded over the past week. As one of our organization’s most fundamental principles, we stand in solidarity with Israel and the Israeli people during this time of crisis and staunchly uphold Israel’s right to defend herself. The Jewish Federation of Greater Charlotte unequivocally condemns acts of terror against Israel. We condemn anyone seeking to exploit the current situation to incite further violence and to escalate or broaden the conflict. We pray for a swift resolution and a just and lasting peace.
Creating a community that is educated, passionate, and connected to Israel is one of Federation’s primary goals, and is never more critical than in times of crisis. Making sense of terrorist attacks from Gaza and the West Bank, coupled with the intensifying violence perpetrated from within the country among Israeli Arabs and Jews, can feel intimidating and overwhelming. Even as Israel faces this onslaught of rockets and unrest in the streets, organizations seek to delegitimize Israel using misinformation. In response, we have created a Resource Page on the Federation’s website with updates, briefings and curated resources to help you stay informed on the current crisis.
The modern State of Israel represents a joint venture of the Jewish people. We are inexorably and intimately connected to our Israeli brothers and sisters, whatever our differences. Our Federation is deeply committed to building a better Israel. We’ve invested millions of dollars over many decades to support the most vulnerable in Israel, in times of peace and in times of crises. Amidst rocket attacks and social unrest, tragic losses of life, and widespread safety concerns throughout Israel, Federation’s overseas partners are responding. Thanks to your support, our Federation movement was able to mobilize quickly to assess and meet urgent needs in Israel. Agencies like the Jewish Agency, the JDC, Jewish Federations of North America, and the Israel Trauma Center, among others, are on the ground providing critical support to Israelis whose lives have been tragically upended. If you would like to help, please donate here.
As we near the celebration of Shavuot, when we received Torah at Mount Sinai, let us pray now more than ever for peace in Jerusalem, in Israel, and throughout the Middle East. As we stood together at Sinai, we stand together now with Israel as she defends herself and protects her citizens from harm. May we support and strengthen each other. 
Shabbat Shalom,
Ronald P. Townsend, Board Chair 
Sue Worrel, CEO