March 2018 Newsletter
Registration is now open for fall 2018 events!

Mike Browne, Community and Mission Pastor for Roswell Community Church in Roswell, GA, went through the Battle for the Heart (BYH) back in 2012 but longed to see the change that he continues to experience overflow from the hearts of more men. Last fall when Wellspring Group offered significant discounts for dorm rooms at the events, it provided the opportunity for 4 more men and a group of women to come to a BYH without having such a large financial barrier.
I was excited to invite others because of how deeply this impacted me so many years ago. I could not think of a better option to pursue to get men and women diving into their hearts in order to seek God in them and to give them to the tools to live from a full heart.

All of the men in my group came out of the retreat deeply impacted and motivated to pursue the follow-up as well as invite their respective spouse into the work that God was doing. Some felt called to engage their families, their workplaces, and their community in ways they had not before, namely because on this retreat they felt they had been given the power as men created in the image of God to engage their domains with strength and love offering life and growth! I believe God has already started to free them of things that were keeping them bound and inviting them into a fuller way of living.
The special price option for our January Battle for the Heart events was a testing of waters to see how we could make the BYH process more accessible to men, women and churches and ultimately increase the impact of lives transformed. As we considered the multiple factors that have limited accessibility, we prayerfully considered what the Lord is asking of us as an organization. By the fall of 2017 we sensed pretty clearly his invitation to TRUST him… we do what we can do, and he will do what only he can do.

We are thrilled to announce our leap of faith to LOWER REGISTRATION FEES to our hard dollar cost - the newly structured registration fees simply cover our cost of a participant and team at an event, including room, board, materials and facilitator’s expenses.  Retreats are no longer contributing to the operating expenses of the ministry.
 " I have wanted more people to get connected to this for years, so I am excited and want to see how we can continue to connect more people going forward"
- Mike Browne
Why is this a leap of faith?
Historically retreat revenue has made up between 30-50% of our operating budget.  We are trusting the Lord to increase His provision in new ways.

Why are we willing to do this?
Because we long for impact! We are seeing transformation in the lives of men and women, in churches and organizations as they live in authentic, biblical community – increasingly becoming who God created them to be… yet we want to see more!

So what’s your part?
We invite you to prayerfully consider how the Lord may be leading you to:
  1.  Invite more men and women into the Battle for their Hearts
  2. Partner with us financially, to see more men and women inspired to become who God created them to be.
For more information and tools on team-building, contact
For information on partnering with us financially, contact

Wellspring is in search of a volunteer
- or team of volunteers – to manage retreat administration details such as:

  •  Follow-up on potential teams
  • Processing retreat applications
  • Pre-and-post Retreat Correspondence
  • Retreat Center logistics such as: room assignments, meal coordination, snacks and coffee scheduler
  • Volunteer Coordinator for facilitators
  • Possible on-site Retreat Administration
  • Tracking registration payments
  • With potential for more!

I n light of the strategic nature of this need, we are looking for someone that is able to commit to 5-10 hours / week in retreat season. You will be supported by and work closely with Wellspring staff. 

If you have questions or interest, please contact

Have you considered inviting
2 or 3 couples to join you in the

Deadline: March 31, 2018.

APPLY HERE to hold your spot
for our September 13-16, 2018 event!
Space is limited, but we must have a minimum of 16 couples to move forward with the dates as scheduled.
If you have any questions, please contact 
Battle for Your Heart Events


2018 Battle for the Heart for Marriage Event
Registration Closes March 31, 2018

Visit or contact Anisa for more details.