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Great Things Happen Together 
at Challenge Mountain
Volunteer Chuck Fletcher with Gina Livingston at Boyne Highlands.

Our Mission in Action
Linda Armstrong, Program Director
Despite the strange winter weather, our program volunteers were out in full force providing more than 1,400 amazing experiences for individuals with disabilities and their families.  The season kicked off in January with school groups, families and private groups scheduled every Tuesday, Friday and Saturday into early March.  We welcomed lots of old friends and established relationships with many new families this winter.   In addition to winter programs at the Lodge, Challenge Mountain volunteers provided adaptive ski lessons at local resorts for a total of 1,986 volunteer hours. 

Testimonial from a participant: "I was extremely nervous at first, not having skied in over two years and with now having to re- learn my favorite sport with my ever-changing limited vision.  However, my nerves quickly pushed aside working with Chuck Fletcher as an instructor. Through his great patience, help, and expertise we narrowed adaptive equipment down to the blind pole and how to apply neat tips/tricks so that we could ski side-by-side down the slopes using verbal cues.  T hank you so very much Challenge Mountain for providing the greatest adaptive ski experience!!"  Gina Livingston

We can't say thank you enough to all the volunteers who put our mission in action: enriching lives and empowering individuals living with disabilities through adaptive winter recreation.  They did an excellent job and we couldn't have done it without them!  Spring programming is just around the corner and schools are lining up for hiking and biking adventures, along with ropes challenge course activities facilitated by Challenge Mountain at the Camp Daggett Adventure Center.  Want to volunteer for spring or summer programming or schedule your own adaptive adventure? Check out the calendar on the CM website!

Back row: Dan Kuhn, Debbie Kuhn, Elizabeth Looze, Bill Aten.  
Front row: Hazel Harmeling, Alaina Farrington, Gretchen Katz, Dick Katz,
Pat May, Staci Payton.

Did You Hear The News? 
Bill Aten, Board President
Challenge Mountain Resale Store received two community pride awards earlier this year.   The Marvin Loding Community Pride Award was given to Challenge Mountain in December by the City of Boyne City in recognition of the new Resale Store external building improvements. The Boyne Area Chamber of Commerce also recognized Challenge Mountain with the Community Pride Award announced at the Annual Meeting January 19.   These awards are a great honor to all the volunteers and staff that gave so many hours making the Resale Store Renovation Project a reality. Everyone at Challenge Mountain is proud of the new Resale Store   and its contributions to the Boyne community and to all the children and adults living with disabilities who come to Challenge Mountain to experience life and adventure.

Great Resale Store Results! 
Staci Payton, Resale Store Manager
  • 42 volunteers logged 9,200+ hours of donated time
  • 25% more customers  
  • 23% increase in sales June-Dec. 2016 (compared to 2015)
New donors are hearing about the Great Things That Happen Together at the Challenge Mountain Resale Store and are traveling to Boyne City to donate items.  Higher quality donated items means customers come back more often to shop for great deals.   One customer commented, "I used to come to Challenge Mountain for a specific item, now I come to Challenge Mountain Resale Store to shop!"   Like us on Facebook to hear about daily sales.  We gratefully accept your donated items during  store hours M-Sat. 9:30 am to 5:30 pm.  Proceeds from the Challenge Mountain Resale Store help provide opportunities for individuals living with disabilities to experience life and adventure. 
The success of the Challenge Mountain Resale Store would not be possible without our dedicated volunteers, customers and committed staff.  Thank you to all who work so hard to support our mission to enrich lives and empower individuals living with disabilities.

Great Things Happen Together
Elizabeth Looze, Executive Director

Traveling to the Challenge Mountain ski hill and Lodge was a lot easier this year thanks to the  new road signs funded through a grant from the Charlevoix County Community Foundation.  

Check out  Life and Whim , a Traverse City start-up business, that has chosen Challenge Mountain to be its charitable partner during the first 12 months of its new business' operations. Life and Whim  will be donating 3% of its yearly profits to Challenge Mountain.   Follow Life and Whim on Facebook  to learn more about their start-up story and mission to e mpower and inspire people, especially kids, to be creative, imaginative and have fun while immersed in nature.  Thank you Life and Whim for being part of making Great Things Happen Together at Challenge Mountain!

You can  purchase your own Challenge Mountain logo wear at  This link takes you to the Challenge Mountain store at Land's End where our logo is automatically available when you select an item and add it to your cart.  

UpNorth Imagewear located in Boyne City can also embroider our logo on items you purchase or bring in. Contact Shelley at  or 582-3173.
Help Challenge Mountain  Get a New Truck!

Have you seen this old truck driving around Boyne City?  
The Challenge Mountain truck is worn out and we need your help to get a new one.  Our  truck was purchased new in 2004 and has served the organization well for the last 12 years as a maintenance/plow truck and as a vehicle for transporting recreational equipment, but it is showing its wear and needs to be replaced. The body and underbody of the vehicle have rusted so badly that it is difficult to replace parts as they become worn or fall off completely.  

The Challenge Mountain truck is used for maintenance/snow plowing in the winter and to transport adaptive bikes, kayaks and boats to recreational sites in Charlevoix and Emmet counties during the spring, summer and fall program seasons.  One day it might be a trailer full of adaptive bikes going to the new trail at Young State Park in Boyne City.  Another day it might be the kayaks and the pontoon boat being transported to Walloon Lake for a day of kayaking and tubing. 

The estimated cost for a new truck is approximately $34,000, plus the cost of a new plow $6,000, for a total of $40,000.  Challenge Mountain has budgeted $15,000 toward the purchase of a new truck this year, and thanks to three $5,000 grants from Great Lakes Energy People Fund, the Charlevoix County Community Foundation and the Petoskey-Harbor Springs Area Community Foundation, we are well on the way to raising the $10,000 in additional funds needed to purchase the vehicle.

Please consider a gift to Challenge Mountain this spring and be part of the Great Things that Happen Together at Challenge Mountain.  Your contribution will ensure that we have a reliable vehicle for transporting our recreational equipment to serve individuals living with disabilities.  I hope you can help us reach our goal to raise $10,000 by June 30, 2017.

In gratitude,
Elizabeth Looze
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