Q and A with Board Chair Anna Cramer

What are you most excited about this coming year as you serve as board chair? 
Our community faced unprecedented challenges over the past two years brought on by COVID-19. In particular, the pandemic reinforced the critical importance of organizations like Saving Grace that work to fight food insecurity. The entire Saving Grace team did a wonderful job adjusting time and again to the changing needs of our community and food donors. I’m excited to see Saving Grace continue to grow the new partnerships and innovative ideas developed during COVID-19 to bring us into the next chapter of Saving Grace’s impact.

Why is being part of Saving Grace’s board important to you and how did you get involved?
I first learned about Saving Grace when it was founded in 2013, and I followed its development with great interest even before joining the board in 2019. The vision of Saving Grace – to feed the hungry with perishable food that would otherwise go to waste - is such a simple concept, but it has a tremendous impact. It’s a wonderful privilege to serve on the board and be a part of Saving Grace.