We Wear the Mask
An Expressive Opportunity for Our Times
More than 100 years, ago, the African-American poet Paul Laurence Dunbar published his poem “ We Wear the Mask .” The work addresses the need of so many people – especially black Americans – to hide their true feelings. In these challenging times, this "mask" that Paul Laurence Dunbar wrote about can slip or even be removed while we all process the anger, disappointment, and hurt these most recent injustices and protests have brought us.

You are invited now to let those masks slip even further, to share your experiences with the NSU Law community. One of the first tools anyone has against injustice is the pen; we are therefore proud to sponsor the " We Wear the Mask " project. Essentially, this will be a compilation of reflections, articles, essays, poems, and other forms of artwork composed by NSU Law students and circulated within our community. The purpose is two-fold: one, to create space for students to share their true feelings, thoughts, and experiences without contradiction or interference; and two, to enlighten members in our community on how this life/law school experience is vastly different for marginalized communities. It is also an excellent opportunity to showcase your reactions as educated, trained advocates, writers, thinkers, and activists. Thanks to Elon Law Professor Tiffany Atkins for designing this exercise.
Who can participate
This invitation is open to all students at the NSU College of Law. All submissions should be emailed to Lynnette Sanchez Worthy at lworthy@nova.edu . Submissions will be accepted through July 1, 2020.