Most of the large accumulations of leaves have now been picked up and we are working to finish clean up with some trees still dropping.  We  are also working to get in a final mow where possible as well. Some sites have been mowed over the past week or so and with the dry weather forecast this week, we will be prioritizing mowing on many others where possible. With the warmer than normal temperatures over the past month, some lawns had got shaggy and needed mowing. However, some lawns are too wet and soggy to mow as we do not want to damage them. 
Every winter, we work around the rain and take advantage of any dry stretches to mow as needed but they have been few and far between. The long range forecast is for wet and cool weather so mowing may be a challenge now but not likely possible later in the month.   
What a dichotomy of weather with record highs this week followed by the potential of cold and snow later in the month. We will see, but it could be interesting later this month. We have been preparing and planning through the fall and whatever weather comes our way, we will be prepared!