We Will ROAR Together

It was four years ago this month when I arrived on Idaho State’s campus for the first time. I was a new Bengal, 7,500 miles from my home in Damak, Nepal. I wasn’t sure what to expect, and, at first, I was shy and nervous. Everything was new and unfamiliar, but I immediately set a goal to have a positive attitude.
As we begin this semester, that is my advice to you. We all need a positive attitude at a time when things feel unfamiliar and uncertain. In a few weeks, we will come back together, and our collective ROAR will be loud! Some of us will come together on campus, with our face coverings and social distancing, and others will be online, but wherever you find yourself this semester, know that we are in this together. We ROAR together!

When I first arrived on campus, I was told that, as a Bengal, I would be joining a caring family of fellow students, faculty, staff and alumni. I’ve seen that truth firsthand. Bengals look out for each other, and many times over the years, my professors and fellow classmates have been there for me. I have been invited to holiday events by my professors because they know I am an International student and I do not have a family here in the U.S. This is what ISU is all about. It is about caring for each other despite adversity.

We are here to better our lives through an education. Never lose sight of your goals, and even in a semester that has some uncertainties, keep a positive attitude. As your student body president, I am here to be an advocate for you. If you ever need anything, please do not hesitate to reach out to me.

Roar, Bengals, Roar!

–– Aayush

Aayush Jha, President
Associated Students of Idaho State University
Idaho State
This email was sent to all Idaho State University students.
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