JUNE 14, 2020

We will be back!

St. John's Hall has opened back up but we think it's too soon to return.

When we do return we will start out with our monthly dances at St. John's Hall. We are fortunate to have such a large hall which will allow for social distancing. We anticipate that we will start with 12 tables of six which will be 18% occupancy.

Our guidelines are subject to change as time goes on but what we do know now is that we will limit ticket sales so that tables will be spaced at least 8 to 10 feet apart.

BDPS members will have first priority before we open sales to the public. All tickets will be sold online, in advance with waivers and questionnaires to be filled in online at the time of ticket purchase. Ticket prices will remain at $10 for members and will increase from $12 to $14 for non-members.

Due to the generous size of our dance floor at St. John's Hall, dancers will have a dance "zone" spaced 6 feet from other couples for their Rhythm & Latin Dances; and smooth dances will be danced with only half the room at a time (two of the same genre dance will be played back to back).

Attendees will bring their own snacks and beverages and we will have a food truck available in the parking lot. Our dances will not have mixers and initially will not have group lessons.

Dances at the Elks, Moose and Member Only parties will follow at later dates.

All current memberships are on freeze until the month that we start dancing again. Any new memberships will also be effective the date we start dancing again.
Masks ! Who would have ever imagined a year ago that we would be selling masks to accessorize our dresses and suits! But wow, times have changed and we now have BDPS masks that you can customize to go along with your dresses and suits. They will also be historical keepsakes. Masks are $10. Click the link below to see the colors and order yours.
Ballroom Dance Preservation Society
Email: bdpsmyrtlebeach@gmail.com
Website: ballroomdancepreservation.com