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With HUGE THANKS to your SUPPORT, we were able to join together and SUE THE FCC for ignoring health effects from wireless radiation!! and scroll down to the We Won Against the FCC Verdict Here. It's the 4th link in the drop down. If for any reason you can't see it there, you can read the verdict here.

I am too excited to talk about next steps, etc. I am going to go jump up and down and dance around for a bit. :)

Here is a link to our upcoming Zoom call on how and why you should run for office on the anti wireless issue, Covid corruption issue, globalist or any other corruption issue that is near and dear to your heart. We hope to see you this Wed. the 18th @ 6 PM PST!

To donate to our next win on the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) , FHA (Fair Housing Act) and Constitutional right to protect oneself in the home against the radiation, click here.

I will be sending out a more substantive email soon. Just wanted to share this moment with you.

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Love, hope, action and gratitude,