In the past few weeks, our KEA Bargaining Team has felt your support through texts, Facebook posts and especially attendance at rallies and school board meetings. This means the world to us while we try hard to negotiate a fair settlement.
On August 22, we shared a moment of hope when the school board did not pass the budget with an ending fund balance of $33M. Our stories of how this budget would negatively affect Kent swayed the school board to take another look.
After the same budget was passed the following Friday, we heard that the budget would be amended. Again, our hopes were raised.
Unfortunately, the KEA team has found very little movement on the District's part. It has been communicated to our team that the Board has set very restrictive parameters, and the district is not willing to have further discussion about the parameters with the board members. Thus, after bargaining until 4:30 in the morning, an agreement could not be reached.
And now, here we are just forty-eight hours before our deadline of Wednesday, August 29, at noon. One more bargaining session set for tomorrow. And much less hopeful. The District still wants to keep too much money in the reserve fund.
Our stories are what made a difference before and they can again!! Please take a moment to flood the school board with your story. Will you be able to stay in Kent and make a decent living for your family? Or will you need to move to another district that is paying a competitive wage? Will you feel respected and valued as an employee if you stay? Let them know your heartfelt story by emailing the school board at
  1. Talk to your colleagues and make sure you know who your building rep is right away.
  2. Email the school board members and urge them to make sure their parameters to the district will allow for an agreement to be reached so school can start on time. You can email the whole board at this email address but we recommend that you go to this website [] and get each individual email address so each board member will receive the message directly. Always use home email when communicating with the school board members.
We also heard the request to not hold the next general membership meeting in the middle of the day. Tentatively, we have set Wednesday, August 29 at 4:30 p.m. in the Kent-Meridian High School gym. Hopefully, we will have a tentative agreement to ratify. If not, we will provide additional guidance for Thursday.

Thank you,

KEA Bargaining Support and Bargaining Team
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