Here at Bina Family Hospitality, we've never felt that it was our place to take a stance politically. We have always welcomed people into our restaurants no matter what their views might be. That being said, the horrible events that occurred last weekend in Charlottesville, Virginia are bigger than politics. This is bigger than Republican or Democrat, left or right, conservative or liberal. This is about basic human decency. This is about how to treat your fellow man or woman. This is about how we're all equal no matter the color of our skin, religion, beliefs, or nationality. No one in this country, no one on this earth, is more superior than the other. 
On Saturday, August 18th there will be a "Free Speech" Rally being held in the Boston Commons from 12PM to 2PM. Mayor Walsh is urging people to stay away from the Commons and from anyone involved in the rally. Some shops and restaurants around the commons have considered closing.  If you decide to come to the area, please know that our restaurants will be open as a safe space.
We will not stand for racism. We will not stand for bigotry. We will not stand for hatred. There's no place for it at our restaurants. There's no place for it in Boston. And there's absolutely no place for it in our country. 

We refuse to move backwards.

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