Let's Go Pens!
Happy Stanley Cup Parade Day Pittsburgh!

It's June so that usually means one thing around these parts...Playoff hockey! The Pittsburgh Penguins are usual suspects in the NHL playoff race, however this season was filled with storylines; a new coach, a goaltending battle, losing key players and unsung heroes. What can your business learn from the Pittsburgh Penguins? 
Hot Topics this Season:
"Sully is so good at managing people"

"It all makes sense. It especially makes sense when Sullivan says it. "Reassuring" is the best word to describe him. Listen to him and you'll walk away believing in every word he says. The players believe. A team with so many stars isn't always easy to coach, but Sullivan has figured out a way.  "Sully is so good at managing people," assistant Rick Tocchet said after the Washington series.  The Penguins' 13-2 record after losses in the playoffs since Sullivan took over hasn't happened by accident. He is consistent. His philosophy is consistent."

Fleury: the Epitome of a Team Player
Loyalty, Respect in Pittsburgh

"Through thick and thin, Penguins' goaltender Marc-Andre Fleury has been loyal, hard working, with phenomenal play, and selflessness... a true face of Penguins' Hockey...The hockey world deserves to know how much Marc-Andre Fleury has meant to the city of Pittsburgh, the Penguins' team, the management, and the culture of winning the two Stanley Cups this era has produced."

It Takes a Village
Next Man Up Approach 

"The need for contributions from up and down the lineup is more critical this year because injuries have piled up. No. 1 defenseman Kris Letang is gone for the season, and Justin Schultz and Patric Hornqvist are key players still out. The Penguins have had a flowing stream of players moving in and out of the lineup. They have used eight different defensemen and 15 different forwards.  Last year, the talk about the Penguins during the playoffs was about their incredible speed.  This year, it's been more about their resiliency, and their ability to keep adding guys to the lineup who find ways to contribute."

Rookie Spotlight
"A Stanley Cup legend is being born before our eyes"

"I think he's a conscientious kid," coach Mike Sullivan said. "He's a pleasure to coach."

Learn More about Guentzel's Rise to Playoff Fame Here

Dave's take on the Season:

"So let me ask you, are you constantly working on your craft every day, even when no one is watching?  Are you aware of the challenges that may be ahead, are you preparing for them?  When some major setback hits you, as it does all of us, what are you going to do next?  Are you better today than yesterday?  What have you read today, written today, presented today, advised about today, solved today, that you didn't do yesterday?  Maintaining the status quo isn't maintenance at all.  It's stagnation, the beginning of atrophy, and in due time obsolescence.  We all of the opportunity to be great at what we do, it just takes constant diligence."