It's the middle of summer. I've taken some much needed time to stop and reflect on what we, at WarrenBDC, have accomplished and where we are going. You may have had the same experience about your life and business.

I know what needs to be checked off next and clearly am aware there is work to do. So as I'm sure you can imagine, there are equal amounts of excitement and overwhelm floating through my mind. You may be experiencing the same emotions with your company or personal life. Motives could be personal growth to get more out of life or company expansion to enjoy the benefits of being larger or to eventually transition out.

Simply saying just buckle down and do it is not always as easy it sounds. The real answer is to engage others to work with you. We all need guides, cheerleaders and those who help with the actual work.

I've been sharing my personal and business goals, vision and reason why for a few years now. Slowly but steadily, great associates have been joining the cause. They have also been introducing others (Team members and Clients) to WarrenBDC and into my life. The experience is both flattering and energizing. Not to forget, confirmation that our path is sound.

It usually starts with a conversation and inevitably grows into a relationship. No, not everyone shares the vision and not all conversations lead to a deeper connection. Some drift away and come back, while others just disappear.

If you're feeling overwhelmed and would like some new friends who get it, we'd like to join your team for a few minutes in a quick conversation or perhaps a few years for a deeper relationship. 

It all starts with a call or email from you to say you're ready to talk. By telephone or in person, we're open. Coffee or a cool beverage can be enjoyed at your place, our office or somewhere inbetween.

Eric Gilboord

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PS  On the other hand, if you want to get involved with us as a way to help many others, consider becoming a WarrenBDC Specialist, Location Partner, or Transition Coach Program Facilitator. Guides and cheerleaders are also always welcome. Coffee or a cool beverage included.
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