Feeding hungry children on school weekends since 2010

Do you know a company or organization that would donate up to $1,000 to help feed hungry children? Call us at 321-610-1900 for details or email us.

We are so grateful to Health First, a regular supporter of our kids, for their donation of masks to kick off the school year.
Many Thanks to Edna Wilson for her support of our mission!
Titusville Realtor Edna Wilson recently gathered a few friends to include TCHP's Cheryl Cominsky for a dinner on Salsa's patio this week, with a goal of "adopting" all 123 children that we serve at Apollo Elementary. Over $6,000 was raised that night! Thank you, Edna on behalf of hungry children locally!
Our goal is to raise $40,000 each month to continue our level of support for Brevard County's most vulnerable children.

"Community helping community; we are all in this together! This program is actively working to help every child have the nutrition to help them thrive to the best of their ability." - former BPS teacher

All of our meals are prepped, packed and distributed by our amazing volunteers.
Thankful Thursday: What do you do when life hands you lemons? ๐Ÿ‹๐Ÿ‹
You open a lemonade stand and raise money for The Children's Hunger Project! That is exactly what these little girls did!
Thank you to Olivia age 9 and Avery age 6 for your hard work and big hearts! And thank you to Mom Katie and Grandma Linda for helping them out.
Dr. Jaya Prakash, an MD and health coach, is also a member of Kiwanis of Melbourne. Through Kiwanis, she discovered TCHP. Her desire to support feeding hungry children locally was fueled by her knowledge that proper nutrition early in life can help to avoid diabetes and heart issues later. She donates part of the sales of each book to TCHP. Learn More
Giving is Donating, Volunteering and Raising Awareness.
Share your support by adding a TCHP frame on Facebook. Here's how:
  1. Click your Facebook profile photo at the bottom left of your cover photo.
  2.    When you hover over that image, click on "Update" (it has a small camera icon).
  3.    You will see two columns. On left, you can change your photo. On the right, if you are happy with your photo, click 'Add Frame'. (You can also change the frame here.)
  4.    In the search bar at top, be very specific. Type in The Children's Hunger Project (capital letters for beginning of each word, correct placement of the apostrophe).
  5.    You will have a variety of TCHP frames to try out.
For those who can make a significant contribution, consider joining the Childrenโ€™s Circle of Hope Society - this society is open to anyone contributing $1,000 or more annually. Contributions can be set up on a recurring basis of $84 per month.

Many thanks to local businesses, organizations and individuals that have stepped up to help us with our funding needs. Because of your help, we are making the lives of children in Brevard better during a challenging time.

PS: Please consider including The Children's Hunger Project in your beneficiary and estate plans. Leave a lasting legacy of fighting childhood hunger in our community!
If you have already made a contribution to help feed local children, through simply sharing this email with friends, family and co-workers your impact can be even greater!

Thank you for caring and sharing. You give hungry children in Brevard hope!

The Children's Hunger Project is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt charitable organization.         
TCHP has consistently provided weekend meals for school children in Brevard County since 2010.