Volume 31| April 19, 2020
Middle School News

We Are Griffin-Strong!

The far-reaching impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has been a heartbreaking experience on many levels. The pronouncement by Governor Pritzker extending the suspension of in-person school instruction for the remainder of the year is especially heartbreaking. 

For a community as strong as Roycemore that values the deep, personal connections we have with students and families, we thrive when we are together. In the days and weeks ahead, we will be doing all we can to continue those connections. We are planning zoom meetings with division heads, family social meet-ups, virtual game nights, and helpful parent education sessions along with a number of similar opportunities for students.

We are working hard to keep us connected and to support our students. But your feedback and ideas are important to us.

Please share your ideas with us! We are Griffin-strong!!

Homeroom might look a little different these days, but the fun our students have coming together hasn't gone away. I mean-- just check out Mr. Tain's Fun Fact for April 17th:

Don't forget, Homeroom continues this week- Mondays and Wednesdays.

LINK S to Homeroom and ALL Classes are on the Middle School Remote Learning Schedule Page. As a reminder, students must be logged into their Roycemore School email account to view the links. (for security)

Below are screen shots from the Remote Learning Page.

ATTENDANCE : Middle School students will STILL NEED to enter their attendance each day as they did before spring break. In addition, teachers will be taking attendance for the synchronous classes, so students are expected to "show up."
FAN Continues!
Roycemore is a proud sponsor of FAN,  Family Action Network . All of their in-person events have been cancelled, but they still are offering amazing presentations by industry professionals on a number of topics including:

  • Parenting in the Age of Inequality
  • Navigating the New Masculinity
  • Parenting the New Teen in the Age of Anxiety
  • How Economics Explains The Way We Raise Our Children

Click Here to VIEW Previously Recorded FAN talks

Some Fun Remote Learning From The Past Week
Middle School students had a variety of engaging activities this past week during remote learning. They ranged from seventh graders recording themselves presenting their volcano projects, to 5th graders engaging in a Victor Nunes art challenge, to fifth, sixth and eighth graders beginning to move their science fair projects to FlipgridAR !

It was great to see students showing up in their virtual classes, advisory and homeroom!

Don't forget, teachers are here for you! If you need help, ask for help! Advisors are also reaching out directly to parents to check in. If you haven't yet connected with your child's advisor, be sure to do so. We value the relationships between home and school and advisors play that vital role!
Google Classroom - For Parents
If you are interested...parents can get insight into what their students are doing in Google Classroom by asking the classroom teacher to sign them up for parent alerts. The teacher just needs to go to the "People" area and click 'invite guardians'. This sends parents a daily summary of GC work.
Students-- We need your Videos!
Videos for Scholarship Fundraiser
Students!! We need your support!!! Please make a flipgrid video about your favorite teacher that can be used for the auction!  https://flipgrid.com/scholarshiproycemore
Important Links

Website for Remote Learning:

Middle School Remote Learning Schedule Page with Class Links:

Coronavirus Response Page: https://roycemoreschool.org/coronavirus/

"Roycemore Family" Page
Our new Chief Griffinity Officer, Early Childhood staff member  Justin Bailey , launched a new webpage! This is another way for students and families to stay connected and continue to share our school spirit. Share your shelter in place experiences with us:  https://roycemoreschool.org/family/


  • Monday 3:30pm- Board and Video Game Club
  • COMING- Pop Culture Club with Ms. Hilda
  • Other clubs being developed-- tell your teachers what you would like to see!


Scholarship Fundraiser: A Live Stream Experience
Auction items will be live starting next week. Volunteers are still needed, especially those with live streaming experience. Please email  Sara McGuire  if you would like to join the fun!
Share Roycemore with a Friend!
Admissions Morning - Tuesday
Our first ever Virtual Admissions Morning is coming up! Please tell any friends and neighbors interested in finding out more about the Roycemore experience and what makes our school unique.

Virtual Admissions Morning
Tuesday, April 21st
Registration Required
Middle School Community Guidelines
We will create a community in Roycemore’s middle school based on RESPECT. We will respect ourselves, our space, and our peers. In doing so, we will assume the best intentions of others and create a space where we are welcomed, feel we belong, and are known!
(created by representatives from each grade 2019-20)