“And God saw that it was good...”

You can find that phrase repeatedly in the first chapter of Genesis – the first chapter of the Bible. What God did was good. Our call, as ones created in the image of God, is to be like God and do good. We are HERE FOR GOOD.
Over the past two Sundays you have been hearing about our sermon series that finishes up on Commitment Sunday. The series is called Here For Good. Pastor Jeff will be talking to us about being “Here for our families,” “Here for our neighbors,” and “Here for the world.” We will be reminded that our discipleship is not just about believing in God and coming to church. It is also about living out our life as disciples – doing as God does – doing good where we can.

Of course, the phrase Here For Good, has another meaning. It means having a sense of permanence, it means we are here now and we intend to be here for a long time. When Christ established the church he stated that “gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” In other words, the Church is here for good. In 2020 we will celebrate 150 years of this church being established. We’ve been here for a good while – and we’re not going anywhere. Here For Good – such a great phrase that reminds us of both our permanence and our purpose.
Throughout the remainder of this year and into 2020 we will remember where we’ve come from; we’ll celebrate where we are; and we will commit ourselves to the amazing future yet to come. On October 27th, Commitment Sunday, we will have the opportunity to declare our desire to participate in that future. I hope you’ll join us. I hope you will come ready to make a financial pledge to that future God has for us.

I hope you will come and worship the God who calls us to do good,

Mike Lindstrom
Executive Pastor at First Methodist Conroe