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I can’t seem to come up with the first sentence, so I am just going to let that be the first sentence. There did it. I think I am just going to say it, get it out, and then will explain in detail below so that you are not wondering what in the world this is all about while you make your way through my, I am sure soon to be, very lengthy story. Matt has been offered the opportunity to apply for a position as a chef faculty member as an expert in charcuterie in Singapore! He has applied and we are now in process. It is not yet a done deal, but we have to proceed as if it is as everything is time sensitive and if we don’t move as it if is happening , with everything that we have to do between now and then, it will be too late. So we are making the leap, which means selling the restaurant (that was an incredibly hard sentence) our house, and get ready to completely change our lives before he is needed there in July; to do that we need to …. gulp.. close this amazing chapter in our lives by the end of March/April. 

Breathe. The band-aid has been ripped. Ok.. here I go...
As I write this know that it doesn’t seem real; this scenario, these words I am stringing together about a topic we had no intention of entertaining at this time. I feel like I am writing about someone else, which I think will help me get through this. 
We wanted to tell you now so that we can all have these next few months to seize our time together and celebrate what a remarkable journey it has been. We do not at this time know what form this little space that has held so much of our lives will become in the future. There is a peace and joy that we hold for the prospect of someone new to be able to follow their dream, pour their passion into this space, and find out just how incredibly lucky and special this corner of Rhode Island is. It gave us our start, taught us so many lessons, and we grew in the care of such an incredible community.  The friendships and the memories that we have made we will forever carry with us regardless of where we are. 

Stay positive this is exciting, change is good..

We absolutely had to look up where Singapore is. It is pretty far😊 and rather hot😊 and one should never google what slithering creatures might live there. Beyond that, it seems incredible! What a culturally diverse country, one that can leave you speechless with its architecture and green space initiatives. Not to mention its proximity to other parts of the world we would never have dreamed of seeing. And the food culture is hands down unlike any other place you will find on earth. The opportunity to immerse ourselves in an environment so completely different from our own, to experience different languages and be out of our element, out of our comfort zone, reminds me of a version of the once younger me. To revisit that flame, while I still can, is so uplifting and exciting! I have a play I have been wanting to write and a pile of books in need of reading, and an explorer’s soul waiting to be released. And Matt gets to continue to do what he loves so very much from a different angle. I am so very proud of him and have zero doubt that he will absolutely thrive in his new found space should it come to be; learning, experimenting, being part of something new will be invigorating. I know in my heart that this is right as I can feel the excitement as I type, the sadness is certainly there, but if sadness and fear, which are such heavy weights, have the ability to step aside without prodding, then I think one can feel at peace in their choice. 

The hardest part, you are almost there..
Our Chez Family. How are we going to manage without seeing these incredible people every day? It will be 19 years in March, 19 years that we have had the privilege, the honor, the joy to work side by side with just the most spectacular people. Even though some have come and gone, the lasting impression they have made on our lives remains. From California, Oregon, Washington, Colorado, North Carolina, Tennessee, DC, Long Island, England, Chicago, Massachusetts, our fair state of Rhode Island; oh the magnificent energy that has passed through these doors! They have shaped our lives and made this restaurant what it is. That special piece you notice, that keeps you coming back, it is them. I have always said that food will only get you so far. It is the people you work with, wherever you are, whatever profession that you are in, that sets the tone and makes an ordinary experience memorable. How lucky we have been to want to go to work all these years because it meant we got to see our friends! Those that are with us still, in their fine fashion, every single one of them wished us nothing but happiness and support. It was the hardest conversation I ever had to have, so generously made easy by their selfless spirits.
The part that makes this bearable is that I know there is going to be 
(come March/April 😊 ) some lucky business out there that will be overjoyed at the opportunity to work with people who know the value of hard work. Who carry intelligence, creativity, compassion, knowledge, people skills, humor, and commitment as their every day attire. We will happily be walking resumes for them. Deb, Regina, Ben, James, Jonathan, Andy, Aaliyah, Valerio, Emigido, Josiah, Annie, Kate, Sheila, Destiny, Brian, Valerie, their prospects are endless, the next chapters in their lives will be extraordinary! There are none finer than this group. Period.

Leap and the net will follow..

Our friend Julie said this to me in relation to our dear Kate who is also moving. She told me how her dad used to say that to her. I just loved it and it has stuck with me. When I am feeling uncertain, I often think of that phrase. Life is full of chances and second guesses, and you never know which one is best… until you try; it is never too late to try. Once we started entertaining this new life as a true possibility, we bought a few books on Singapore. The first page from the Lonely Planet’s book on Singapore rested so perfectly with me at the most opportune time. 
“All you’ve got to do is decide to go and the hardest part is over. So go!”

The part about you - incredible, caring, thoughtful people is going to take me an abundance of quiet time so that I can get it just right. As we are not gone yet I shall reserve this special part for another time. Also too, I wonder if you would like to continue to hear about our adventures once we go? More on that later. More to come my friends, my dear sweet, beautiful friends! Let’s enjoy every moment shall we. 

Kristin and Matt your most devoted admirers

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