Our office is opening May 4
We are here for you!
Good afternoon to all of our valued clients and friends!

We have missed you! We are pleased to announce that we are re-opening The Reiki Center for individual appointments beginning Monday, May 4th! Distance services will continue to remain on our menu if you choose to take advantage of those instead of coming into the Center.   Massage will not be offered until restrictions are relaxed by the Governor.  

Our classes will resume June 1, but they are open for registration now. We are looking forward to getting The Reiki Center back up and running as soon as possible!  

As we reopen, we are taking every precaution that the Governor has recommended to heart, and we have added some of our own. You can reach out to us via email ( office@thereikicenter.net ) phone (614-486-8323) or you can schedule on our website ( www.thereikicenter.net .)

Again, we are so looking forward to inviting you into our loving space once again!

LJ Groom and The Reiki Center Management Team
Stone Soup is offering virtual sessions
Our Stone Soup Volunteers are working virtually with clients right now. We are hoping to be seeing our partners again in June, but until then if someone has a need please contact Stone Soup at stonesoupvols@gmail.com
Ayurveda for Digestive Health
3 class series
Remote Zoom Class
with Vandana Baranwal
Wednesday, May 6, 13 & 20, 6-7:30p
Cost: $15 or $45 for all classes

Class 1- Are you suffering from digestive issues? Combat inflammation with Ayurveda to boost your digestive health. Ayurveda describes the disease process in "The Six stages of action" and offers solutions in the form of timely intervention to check the disease process. Learn in these classes the healing modalities of Ayurveda through food, spices, herbs and lifestyle practices.

Class 2-The six stages of disease - learn the disease process as described in Ayurveda. What exactly is inflammation? Is it good or bad? Understand why knowledge of your own mind-body tupe is as important as understanding the nature of disease and disease process.

Class 3 - Healing wisdom of Ayurveda. Learn about the healing principles of Ayurveda - for body and for mind. Ayurvedic dietary and lifestyle strtegies that fight chronic inflammation. Ayurvedic spices and herbs. Healing cooking and recipes.

Once you have registered for class you will receive an email with log-in instructions.

To register for class click here!

What if you could have ease with money?
Zoom Class
with Katharine Daniels
Monday, May 11 through Sunday, May 17, 10a-11a
Cost: $47

Learn simple steps you can take to gain clarity around money and start having more! This 7 day online class will offer a guided experience through the " How to Become Money Workbook" by Gary Douglas, the founder of Access Consciousness, with daily readings, tools, and discussions to shift where you are functioning from with money.
Class will be online the 11th through the 17th on Zoom from 10am to 11am.

Once you have registered for class you will receive an email with log-in instructions.

To register for class click here!
Emotional Balance & Immunity with Ayurveda (Zoom call)
with Vandana Baranwal
Wednesday, May 27, 6-7:30p
Cost: $15
This is a remote class. Psychological distress is a common response to the COVID-19 outbreak. The psychological immune system protects the body against damage from stress and extreme negative emotions. Learn in this class about Ayurvedic herbs and selfcare healing practices from ancient science of Ayurveda that strenghtens and enhances resilience in our mind and body to help us withstand psychological stress.

Once you have registered for class you will receive an email with log-in instructions.

To register for class click here!
May Specials
20% off Remote or Zoom or In-Office Reiki Sessions
with LJ Groom, Melody Jenkins, Kaye Smith, C Bean, Cheri Roof, Katharine Daniels, Kelly Bisson, Joseph Floyd
Cost: $56 (Usually $70)

Reiki is a light touch healing technique which gently facilitates each person's own ability to find and maintain balance in body, mind and spirit. The practitioner will offer a session remotely at the time of clients choosing. .
To schedule an appointment, click here!
$35 for 30 min. Remote Intuitive Messages from Spirit
20% off Remote Sound Bath Healing
$68 (usually $85)
with Cheri Roof

Receive intuitive messages from spirit with a remote session with Cheri.
For more information click here!

Sound Bath Healing Sessions are especially helpful for those who wish to release stress, pain and/or anxiety.
For more information click here!

Both sessions will be done either through FaceTime or audio.

To schedule an appointment for either session click here. .
20% off Animal Reiki, Guided Release or Reiki
with Kaye Smith

Animal Reiki is an energetic connection specially adapted to pets & other animals which offers targeted pain and stress reduction techniques through light touch. It also helps with chronic pain, behavior issues, transitioning to a new environment, etc.
Guided Release is especially effective in identifying patterns of behavior, gaining insight into current and past life experiences, and accessing the body’s own wisdom to resolve emotional concerns. 

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20% off Sound Healing & Reiki
with Kelly Bisson
Cost: $56 (Usually $70) Reiki
$68 (usually $85) Sound Healing

After a SomaEnergetics™ vibrational tuning, people tend to feel better spiritually and emotionally. Some other benefits include clarity of thought, focused, energized, balanced, relaxed and peaceful. Once the body’s energy system has been balanced, the effectiveness of other energyhealing modalities is greatly enhanced.

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Remote Ayurvedic Consultation
with Vandana Baranwal
Cost: $50 for 30 min. session
$100 for 60 min. session

Poor digestion? 
Can't sleep? Stressed? Fatigued? Body pains? Ayurveda Can Help!
An Ayurvedic Consultation aims to help people heal themselves by empowering them with the knowledge of simple and powerful tools of food, food habits, daily routine, seasonal routine and lifestyle from the ancient science of Ayurveda.

For more information click here!
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20% off Crystal Readings
with Joseph Floyd
Cost: $56 (either Zoom or in office)

Get a crystal clear look at your journey with a Crystal Reading. This reading can take a look at your intentions and aspirations you have for yourself. Or if you would like to hear messages from spirit through part of the crystal kingdom. Your crystal journey awaits! .

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Intuitive Guidance or a Spirit Drawing
with C Bean
Cost: $60 for 60 minute session
Spirit-infused drawings offer wisdom, truth & healing energies. In the stillness of a moment, C connects with the information held in your energy field perceiving images with intuitive messages, which provide clarity and support for your journey.

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