Garden Season  - Are you itching to get outside? It's time to start your garden. Plus, you can involve the kiddos. They'll have fun watching everything grow. It's time to put fertilizer down too. We have it! Plus soil, mulch, vegetable plants, herbs, onions and more! 

Sudan Seed  - It's time to plant Sudan seed. It is Jackpot 3-Way Cross. Stop in and get yours today.

Fly Control Cattle Mineral  - It's starting to warm up outside! NOW is the time to start fly control. Horn flies are the MOST costly external parasites of cattle. Don't let these pesky creatures diminish your cattle profits. Break their life cycle and keep them from feasting on your livestock. Try Purina's Fly Control Mineral in 125lb. and 225lb. tubs or in 50lb. bags. Stop in today and learn more.

Chicks  - We've got chicks and more on the way. Plus, everything you need to raise a healthy flock: feeders, waterers, chick starter, heat lamps, bulbs and more. View expected breed and delivery info  here .