5:30pm - 7:00pm
Consciousness Circle


The Wisdom of Dr. David R. Hawkins
Forward by Fran Grace

(please join us, even if you missed last month)


We often think of enlightenment as a lofty, unattainable goal... and yet, when truly one understands... it is a process that unfolds us into the greatest earthly experience available. Dr. Hawkins reflected often... "straight and narrow is the path, waste no time." The opportunity to drink from the waterfall of knowingness is here. Veritaspub has released the latest compilation of Dr. Hawkins' greatest works and teachings... Such readings hasten our walk and widen the door to our understanding of enlightenment.

This month we move towards psycho-spiritual practices allowing one to release the drive for perfection and evolve past religious dogma. Within the same space one can then cultivate and deepen gratitude, expand contemplation and engage the greatest practice of all... compassion. We learn that if one LOVES chocolate... there is no need to vilify vanilla. This simple concept alone releases one from multitudes of opinion and judgment tethers.

This month is fundamental for psycho-spiritual growth and our book and teachings have proven to be a high dive to a pool of knowledge and application. This is your invitation. If you have been thinking about joining, this would be an opportune time.

If you were with me in CIRCLE last month you already know the reading material is masterful yet easily digestible; the CIRCLE, manifests the space to ground, find like minded BE-ings and dedicated time to evolve your consciousness, I hope you join US!

Consciousness Circle is a place to gather practice steps. A place to share the experience of those steps... a place where we get to share the things we have and are accountable to every step of the WAY.

It's powerful... thought provoking, consciousness shifting... and spiritually vulnerable.

We keep coming back because the accountability piece mixed with what Dr. Hawkins refers to as ... "holy company" blends are daily experience into practice. The opportunity to clarify psycho-spiritual teachings from the bench of Dr. Hawkins, Dr. Bickford and other (Hawksonian picked) spiritual leaders... culminates into a life brew that softens the sludge from our daily life and opens our matrix to vision and understanding... of what we always have been (!!!) and have meant to BE.

I invite you to join us... the material has immediate application... the Universe provides the opportunity... the Circle gives space for deep realizations, sharings and learnings.

Zoom Consciousness Circle with me and a small group of amazing spiritual aspirants as we deep dive into the study: