Exciting update for RiverRun Bookstore!          Boy, do we have a lot to be Thankful for!
We are going to make it!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, and thanks for your continued support.  We have had piles of used books donated, as well as a good deal of money, both in store and online.


I'm excited to say that we have signed a letter of intent, and will soon sign a lease, for a new retail space downtown.  It will be within two blocks of our current location, and will save us over $50,000 a year in occupancy costs!!  It is hard to imagine a better outcome in this area.


On the finances side of things, more than a dozen people have come foreword and offered to become part-owners of RiverRun, and dozens more have donated books and money to the cause.


I believe we will have the financing deals wrapped up by the end of November!  This means new and exciting books will be flooding into the store in the first week of December, maybe sooner!!


If you are getting up at 2am for Black Friday deals, I'll just say this:  We open at 9am.  Sorry.  But even though we won't be fully stocked yet, we'd love to see you this weekend to kick-off the season right.  We will gladly order any books you're interested in purchasing, and have them for you in just three or four business days.  And we'll wrap them.


Speaking of which, if you are an expert wrapper (of the grandmotherly type, not the Eminem type), and have some time to spare this season, we have an empty schedule.  Get in touch and we'll work out a time for you to volunteer.


Thanks again, everyone, and I will keep you updated. 






We have it easy...
Sure, this has been a trying time.  A stressful time.  But you know what?  At every step along the way I had enough food to eat and my house was warm.
If you are still looking for a way to contribute to your community, please consider volunteering for, or donating to, the Seacoast Local (H)EAT Campaign.

Seacoast Local is a network of your favorite independent local businesses (RiverRun is a co-founder!), working for the kind of community involvement that we've just seen save RiverRun.

Each year the (H)EAT Campaign works to provide $10,000 meals and 10,000 gallons of heating fuel to seacoast residents in need.

You can help by coming to the (H)EAT kick-off party at The Press Room on Friday, December 2nd at 6pm.  Donate a fiver, learn about the campaign, and volunteer your help.

For more information go to www.heat-eat.org

And thank you.

How else can you help?
Keep the donations coming!!  Every little bit is helping us reach the tipping point.  It's my hope that we can put this all together in the next few weeks and have a great farewell Holiday season here before moving out.  You can donate from out homepage at www.riverrunbookstore.com
 Keep donating books!  This has been a great boon, and we thank you very much.  The folks at www.spookyportsmouth.com have volunteered to come pick them up from you!

Stay tuned!  We hope to have more concrete news early next week.


Tom Holbrook
RiverRun Bookstore