The e arly fall weather has sped up the beginning of fall color and the associated leaf drop.   T emperatures have also been dramatically cooler than normal and the heavy rain has brought down leaves earlier than normal.   
With this, our focus has changed from mowing to leaf removal as we move later into October. We are not done with mowing but will work around the weather to do so.  We are watching the weather forecast and monitoring conditions that will allow successful mowing. We are sorry if some properties get a little shaggy but we will need to focus on leaf removal during wet days and will try to take advantage of any upcoming dry stretches to complete our final mowings for the year.   
To maximize our leaf removal efficiency, we have 30 trailer mounted leaf vacuums, as shown above, which make quick work of picking up leaves. Our crews use blowers to consolidate leaves into piles or wind rows, then vacuums them up. During November, our crews work Saturdays to allow us to work on some sites without the normal car filled parking lots. We adjust our schedule to improve our efficiency and reduce our impact to customer's businesses.
To aid in overall site clean-up we recommend an increase in parking lot sweeps during the fall. Combined with our landscape leaf removal efforts, increased sweeping will keep your site cleaner during this messy time of year. We are also happy to coordinate with your sweeping vendor to assure cooperation.

During the fall, we will pick up over 15,000 cubic yards of leaves; that is over 1,000 of our trucks full of leaves or the equivalent of a football field covered with 5 feet of leaves. That is a lot of leaves but it is all recycled and composted into garden mulch for reuse. Some have asked if we do this ourselves, we do not. We instead utilize several existing composting businesses in the area as this is the most cost effective method and they are better set up to do this, as it is their core business.

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