Updates on health care reform in Illinois

March 2017

"We are better than this." That was my first reaction to reading the GOP budget bill that outlines steps to decimate progress made by the ACA and threatens the lives and health of so many Americans. I sat on my couch, stayed up late, and pored over details that seem too terrible to be true. How can anyone see this as progress and not chaos? It's time for all of us to look up from our news articles and Facebook feeds and call up our representatives in Congress, immediately. Frankly, our lives may depend on it. 

 The American Health Care Act 
Our statement on the AHCA
The American Health Care Act (AHCA) is more than an ACA repeal bill. The AHCA makes it harder to access insurance. It moves financial assistance from the poor to the rich. It makes coverage more expensive for older adults. And it guts Medicaid. The Congressional Budget Office estimates 24 million will lose coverage if this becomes law.

Illinois just can't afford it. Read our statement

The House is set to vote on this bill today.   Right now - this morning - is the time to get in touch with your Member of Congress. Do  you have friends or family in the districts where the Congressman is anti-ACA? Reach out and ask them to make a call. Their own health care may depend on it, as well as yours. 

Don't know what to say?  Use our  congressional outreach tools. Tell  Congress it needs to  protect our care  and VOTE NO on the AHCA.
 AHCA Would Hit Illinois Hard

There's no doubt that the GOP proposals will do some serious harm to Illinois.The headlines speak for themselves. 

 Health Reform in Illinois

Our eyes have been glued to federal policy, but things are also happening at the state level:

Governor Rauner announced a competitive bidding process for Medicaid managed care in Illinois, hoping to overhaul the system. The major question is whether this will fix things for rural communities.

Congressman Mike Bost (IL-12) started an online forum to solicit feedback on the Affordable Care Act as he has faced pressure from constituents.

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Illinois could lose $40 billion dollars in federal #Medicaid support  http://www.sacbee.com/news/business/article138838463.html 

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Do you know what your congress members are saying about the #ACA ? Here's a breakdown of their comments http://bit.ly/2mJIeCdĂ‚ 

Emily Gelber-Maturo
Health & Disability Advocates

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