Spring 2020 News
A Message From Our Executive Director, Cindy Dickeson
With April well under way, it’s been five weeks since we began learning about what it means to adapt and lead our lives in what is paradoxically a simpler but more complicated way.
My CEID story began in 1998 when I first met my future step-son Rafa (then 4 years old) and understood he was learning language through Total Communication (simultaneous use of sign with spoken language). Luckily, his parents had found CEID, had fiercely advocated for him to attend and we all had access to weekly sign language classes. I began attending the evening classes led by Teacher Kim Burke-Giusti. In the classes, not only did I learn the sign vocabulary and strategies to communicate with Rafa, but I found connection with a group of adults sharing common experiences and learning from each other. Featured CEID alumni, Toukie (aka Davana), parents were my classmates.
A Walk Through Time - History of the Walk-A-Thon

From its small grassroots beginnings to becoming CEID’s primary community fundraiser of the year, the Walk-A-Thon succeeds with the generosity of families and community members like YOU!

Teacher Isabel & crew hope you will join them and Walk Where You Are!
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CEID's teenage years.
We are thankful for Prospect Sierra and families steadfastly and lovingly supporting CEID, volunteering earlier this year, and for our "Buddy" designing art for our Walk-A-Thon t-shirts. Design winner will be announced at the Walk-A-Thon livestream!