Here are just a few of  highlights from the last two weeks 
at Dogs Deserve Better 

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Welcome Liz Kenty

Dogs Deserve Better is honored to welcome Liz Kenty to our Board of Directors.  Liz currently lives in Easton, Massachusetts where she has resided for 12 years with her 16  year old daughter and white GSD named Jax. Liz works in the medical device industry. She adopted Jax through the ECCO German Shepherd Rescue and he is the love of her life. Liz is a dog lover and she is passionate about freeing dogs from chains and life outside in a pen. She is an avid anti-tethering advocate, a hard worker and volunteer for animal welfare - she is devoted to help change laws and bring dogs and families together. 
"I am very excited to join such a fantastic organization and I look forward to contributing and expanding DDB throughout Massachusetts". 

Please join us in welcoming Liz to DDB! Together, we can make a difference.
You can reach Liz by emailing

Our Website is up and running!

After months of hard work, on a shoe string budget, we did it. The Dogs Deserve Better website  is up
and running. It is still a work in progress with some formatting to do, but all of our resources for chained and penned dogs, ways to help change laws, and our dogs available for adoption are on the new site, along with some easy ways to donate.Take a look and if you see anything that should be changed or something you would like added let us know by emailing Thank you .Click here to go to our website Click here to view our website.
Easy Donations

We are always looking for ways to make donating as simple and easy as possible. We have partnered with GoodWorld to help raise funds for all our pooches.Their technology allows you to give to DDB instantly by simply typing #donate on our Facebook page at any time, on any post! 

That's right, just sign up once. After registering through the link below, you just type in any comment on any post on our Facebook page, #donate$25 (fill in the 25 with whatever amount you wish) and we will receive your generous donation automatically.

Many of you have donated with #donate but we need more people to sign up as Facebook is blocking our posts from reaching all of you if we put links to donation pages in them! Please sign up for GoodWorld through Facebook here:

Look who went home!!
Dozer became our mascot, our friend and keeper of all the girls. He watched over us all and was never without a smile, a very friendly hello, a wag of his tail and a swagger like no other. Dozer spent 14 years tied to a magnolia tree. He had horrible heartworm and had never seen a Vet. Today he is free from the chain, free from heartworm and healthy and so happy with his new family - his new canine siblings are pretty awesome too. THANK YOU for saving Dozer!

Dozer's girlfriends, Darla and Latito 
went home too - TOGETHER!
After spending their entire lives in an outside pen before being rescued, Darla and Latito have gone home, together! They love their new family and their canine siblings adore them too. They have made themselves at home quickly and everyone is doing just great! THANK YOU for helping us help them!
Darla and Latito are home!
Kanook and his new Mom couldn't be happier.
Kannook is home too!

Kannook is the last of the eight dogs saved in the Kentucky Rescue to go home. He is still a little shy but has come so far with his socialization and his new Mom is fantastic with him. She is amazing and so is he. All are happy and healthy in their new homes. We are so grateful to everyone for helping us with this rescue. Couldn't do it without all of you!
Look at our new residents.

Yes - you counted right. Cinnamon gave birth to THIRTEEN puppies just two weeks ago, 7 girls and 6 boys. Cinnamon came to us from animal control after she broke her rope for the last time. Luckily animal control picked her up and the owners didn't want her back.....but not before she met the very handsome hound next door. 

Cinnamon has heartworm and when she is finished nursing she will undergo heartworm treatment and be spayed. Thirteen is more than enough! But for now, she is being the best Mama dog in the world. She has thirteen beautiful healthy puppies that will all be up for adoption once they are spayed and neutered.

As you can imagine, adding 13 dogs to the population overnight has put our VetCare Fund at capacity and almost depleted. 

Please consider donating today. 

You can click on this link to donate to our VetCare Fund. THANK YOU! (you can pay by PayPal or scroll down a little bit on the PayPal page to pay by credit card)

Ernie, Taz and Shorty were rescued too!




Ernie came to us from living on a chain his whole life. He was emaciated, full of heartworm and dehydrated. As sick as he was, his tail never stopped wagging. 
Ernie loves everything he meets. He is a total lovebug and can't wait to complete his heartworm treatment so he can play and run and be the dog he always wanted to be. He will be available for adoption once his treatment is complete and he is neutered.

He has gained 11 pounds and is tolerating his heartworm treatment very well. If you are interested in adopting Ernie or any of our dogs, please visit our page adoption page at, or  click here.

Taz is a gorgeous Sharpei mix who lived on that chain his whole life. A kind woman and  friend to DDB convinced the owners to surrender him and she has taken him in until we can find a foster. If you are in the 757 area code and can foster, please email

Taz also has heartworm and will receive treatment. His hair will probably never come back on his back because he was so infested with fleas. The fleas are gone, his tail is wagging and he just loves everyone.

If you can contribute toward his care,please click this link today. Thank you.

Strawberry Shortcake   (now known as Shorty) came to us all the way from Branson Missouri. A concerned neighbor called us because Shortcake was never allowed inside and rarely had food and water. While  we were working with animal control to remove her, her owners moved away and left her behind. 
We worked quickly to arrange transport and a foster to bring her to our Center in Smithfield. She has heartworm and needs vaccines, and rest, but she is amazing. She loves dogs, she loves kids and adults and is thriving in her new foster home.  She is one very special girl.  She's just two years old and will soon be ready for her forever family. 
Ernie today. He is feeling so much better.

Taz after a trip to the Vet, a bath and no more fleas! He  can relax now.

Shorty sure loves her foster home. Love, toys and a bed!

Got Grants? WE DO!
We are over-the-moon with gratitude. Thanks to the  William H. Donner Foundation we were able to meet the new Virginia guidelines for animal shelters and build an Isolation and Quarantine area within the Center in Smithfield. The construction should be complete by June 30th, 2016. 

Thanks to the  Richard S. Reynolds Foundation we were able to secure a $5000 grant for a down payment on a newer used van. Our current van has over 190,000 miles on it and our mission requires a transport vehicle. Thanks to this grant and an anonymous $5000 matching grant we were able to have a large enough downpayment to purchase a 2015 Ford Transit to transport our dogs to their new forever homes, deliver food and supplies to our fosters, make home visits and attend adoption events in a safe, reliable vehicle. THANK YOU!
As always, we are so grateful to our donors, supporters, followers and volunteers. We realize every minute of every day that without all of you we could never save the lives we do. It is because of YOU these dogs are saved and given a better life. THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts! 
We survive on donations.
Just click on this pic.

If you can, please donate today. We survive on donations to care for our dogs, provide the medical treatment and socialization they need to become the dogs they have always wanted to be. Without donations, we wouldn't survive and neither would they!! Please consider donating today.  THANK YOU.
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