January 2019 Edition
New RFC Style Filters - Including our New RFC-FE Iron Reduction Cartridge
Our new RFC style filter has found applications in electro-plating for removing organics from plating solutions, and in drinking water filtration for reducing "CTO" or chlorine, taste and odor.  For electroplating, we have an anthracite based activated carbon, and for drinking water customers we recommend a coconut carbon based GAC (granular activated carbon).  We can also place other media in these filters for removing or reducing targeted contaminants. Our new RFC-FE Radial Flow Iron Reduction Cartridge helps to eliminate brown and orange stains in toilets, sinks, tubs and clothes in washing machines. The specialized media utilized will remove iron, manganese and hydrogen sulfide (H2S) from water.

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Delta Pure Filtration is Expanding!
We are excited to announce that we are adding more production/warehouse space to our existing building along with constructing a new building for administration and R&D.
Thanks to our loyal clients, we are continuing to grow. We have now broken ground and are making plans to use this new space for enhancing our filter cartridge production capabilities. 

Economical, Ecological String Wound Filters
Energy producers have long relied upon string wound filters to maximize production, protect producing and disposal formations, extend injection well performance, comply with environmental regulations, and prevent equipment from fouling. 

The enormous volume of water that must be treated (e.g., fracking fluids, waterflood, flowback water, produced water, etc.) challenges energy producers to continually manage and reduce water treatment and handling costs.

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Upcoming Events

AFS FiltCon 2019
April 1-3, 2019
Cherry Hill, New Jersey

College student needed for internship with Delta Pure!
Do you know a college student looking to build resume experience? Delta Pure Filtration is looking for a part-time, energetic, and responsible intern to help with the buildout of an online web store.

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Meet Bill Rhoney
Proud to be celebrating over 30 years in the liquid filtration business!

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