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  • We are growing
  • A sneak peek in the greenhouses
We are Growing!
Hello and Happy Spring to all our loyal customers! We realize that the current COVID 19 outbreak is creating a situation of great worry and uncertainty. We would like to reassure everyone that we are currently busy working to grow our crops for this season . Our plants are all on track and like previous years, we will have an exciting lineup of offerings available. Our employees have been working with our crops since February and like other employers, we have created and implemented new workplace policies over the past week to keep everyone safe. During our production period, we are operating in isolation, so please call ahead if you need to visit the farm for any reason.

As for selling our plants, we hope to be open as planned on April 24 . We are not sure exactly how our selling season will look, but we are working on some creative ideas. We are currently putting together a listing of all our crops, so that you will be able to start advance planning your gardens from home. Stay tuned for more information!
Thank you for your continued loyalty and patience as we navigate our business through these turbulent times. Let’s all look forward to spring and summer and the joy and happiness that plants will bring to our lives. Please enjoy these few shots of the greenhouses that I took the other day.
Illumination Begonia Golden Picotee with large beautiful blooms
Illumination Begonia Scarlet for shady spots
New Guinea Impatiens and Cannas
Mac keeping his physical distance
Bidens Campfire Burst
Marigold seedlings, just planted
Hang in there baskets
Superbells Holy Smokes
The hummingbirds will be visiting the Dipladenias in no time
Chris keeping us supplied with potting soil
Reach out to us with any questions and I'll be back in touch soon.

Stay well,

Katie Dawson
Cut and Dried Flower Farm