Thank you for attending our 2019 Annual Open House. We are so glad you took the time to stop by and say hello. We are getting closer to our $10,000 goal with Indygive and time is running out. Have you seen the rewards Indygive offers when you donate?

Springs Recovery Connection is committed to helping people build a strong foundation in recovery and it starts with the basics. If you are person in long term recovery, a family member or you have a loved one who has walked this path, you know that it is a slow process and it takes a lot of resources - truckloads.

When you donate to SRC, you are giving to a person who is newly sober and may lack essentials like transportation, food and toiletries. Your donation of $25, $50 or any amount you can give will provide hope to people suffering.

Here are some ways you can contribute to Springs Recovery Connection through Indygive.

$100 provides one week's groceries and supplies to get a peer started in a sober living environment.

$125 provides approximately one month's bus transportation for a peer to get to recovery support services like 12 step meetings, doctor's appointments, corrections appts, etc.

$300 provides a first month's deposit for sober living.

$650 provides sober living rent for one month.

Any amount you can give will go a long way.

We have met our donor match. LET'S KEEP GOING!

Springs Recovery Connection Mission
To strengthen the recovery community through peer and family support, public education and advocacy.
Springs Recovery Connection
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