Butte Environmental Council Newsletter, December 2020
BEC's Mission is to protect and defend the land, air and water of Butte County and the surrounding region through action, advocacy and education. Our monthly newsletter is designed to keep our community informed about local issues that impact our region's environmental quality and bring you opportunities to become involved.
Happy Holidays from BEC! We have been reflecting on how grateful we are for the recent generosity we have received from our community in a difficult year. Our ability to fulfill our mission through action, events, educational programs, and advocacy is not possible without YOU! Thank your for standing with us as we approach a new year, settle our roots into the soil of a new chapter for BEC, and anticipate what comes next alongside our members and supporters. This is the perfect time to renew or upgrade your membership!
Are you wondering what to get that loved who cares so much about the environment this year?
This holiday season, give the gift of environmental protection! Gift them a BEC membership and the peace of mind to know they are supporting a positive impact. Here's how: 1)Make a one-time donation of $40 or more through the form found at the button below. 2) Enter the name and address of the person you are gifting in the section called "Tell us why you are giving". 3) We will send them a confirmation of their membership and the brand new BEC sticker designed by Wyatt Hersey that you see here.
Job Announcement
A Message from the BEC Board of Directors
Dear BEC members,

It is with mixed feelings that we break this news to you. Our fantastic General Manager, Danielle Baxter, has made the difficult decision to step down from her role as General Manager, and take a new position in Chico.  We will be sad to see her go, but we are excited for Danielle’s next adventure. Over the past year and a half Danielle has been an absolute warrior for the mission and vision of BEC, and has been a mighty leader! We will host a virtual send off for Danielle in the coming weeks. In the immediate future, we are looking for the next General Manager of BEC. Please send the job posting to your colleagues who would be a good candidate. 

With tears but with hooray, BEC Board of Directors
Thank You for Celebrating 45 Years with Us!
It was wonderful to safely gather with our members and community last week to watch the inspiring documentary, "This Changes Everything" at the Meriam Park Drive-in Theater. This was a cheerful and uplifting way to honor Butte Environmental Council's impact over 45 years and celebrate our 2020 award winners. This fundraising opportunity will help support us into the next year of adapting our events and programs to fulfill our mission and vision driven work in Butte County. Cheers!
Our Urban Forest Program - revitalization with the City of Chico
Our Urban Forest Coordinators have been hard at work with resident outreach and planning for our fall tree planting efforts! Our goal is to increase the health of our urban forest and assist in planting over 700 trees in the City of Chico as a part of the Urban Forest Revitalization Project. We are partnering with the Urban Forester to plant more trees and increase the urban forest canopy so all may enjoy the benefits of these trees equally. The bottom line is, planting trees prepares us for the effects of climate change and addresses an issue of environmental injustice in our community in terms of who would be most affected by the lack of trees in their area. This December, we will train and organize nearly 30 volunteers to plant new young trees in targeted areas of Chico that have been carefully selected as prime planting locations.
Education is Essential to What We Do!
Are you a current BEC member and inspired to start the new year giving back in a way that truly makes a difference? Consider joining our outreach and community forum committee! This committee oversees our Community Forum Series Program efforts. If you have a knack for planning workshops, finding creative ways to educate, or the ability to connect knowledgeable people to educational campaigns, let us know! Interested individuals can contact our Outreach and Forum Committee Chair, Bryce Goldstein, at brycedgoldstein@gmail.com
FREE Virtual Composting Workshops!
RARE provides FREE Educational Workshops for students K-12 about the importance of the “Four R’s”: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Rot! Teachers may choose a workshop focused on either recycling or composting. In the composting workshop, students will learn all about the components of healthy soil and the ways in which composting benefits our environment. Virtual workshops feature a live demonstration of how to make your own compost bin at home using a storage container, food waste, newspaper, and red wiggler worms! See the Enterprise Record article below on how the RARE Program has adapted in a challenging year.
Be Involved in the Conversation!
The City of Chico and Climate Action Commission are working to secure a Climate Action Plan update and we want you to be involved. We want to encourage our membership and the greater community of Chico to participate in this virtual workshop and offer your input as a resident who has a stake in local climate initiatives. Please take a few moments to participate in this process. This workshop discusses eight proposed measures with the largest GHG reduction ability in Chico. Provide your input now at the button below.
The Reef - a poem by Neil Bajaj, local high school student & BEC Member
The Reef
Down in the ocean blue, 
Beneath the waves and shoreline,
On the ocean floor it lies,
With the deepest red hue,
As if by design,
It basks in its own dyes.
The reef sits, subject of renown,
Yet it slowly starts to crumble,
Inch by inch, mile by mile,
And as the reef starts to drown,
And we hardly grumble,
The reef dies across every isle.
As the ocean acidifies, temperatures rise,
And the corals begin to strain,
Their colors ebbing away,
Turning a stark white, facing a clear demise,
A pallid grey starts to reign,
And the reef dies. Its glory falls into decay.
But if we considered our actions,
Changed what we do every day,
From bikes to solar power, we could save every reef,
And maybe save ourselves from our own infractions,
The choices we make combined with what we do and say,
All have an impact, all create relief.
If we do not correct our mistakes,
The coral reef won’t be the only thing to perish,
From kelp, gulls, and manta rays,
To fish, sea snails, and water snakes,
We must realize what we are losing, and we must cherish
What we will all lose without a reversal in our ways.
With a change in our prodigal way of life,
The climate and the coral reefs can be saved from harm and strife.
Thank you for your continued support of the Butte Environmental Council.
General Manager
Butte Environmental Council
(530) 891-6424