Fortune Family,

As our communities respond to the rapidly evolving situation related to COVID-19, we’d like to take a moment to assure you that Fortune Management is here to support you. We are available to help you determine the best plan for your practice, your patients, your employees, and YOU!

Whatever your plan is, now is the time to use your leadership skills. A great leader creates certainty, especially in times of massive uncertainty. Communicate that being resourceful is one of our most powerful emotional states. Speak with confidence that, once the virus is mitigated, we will all get through this and create a plan to get back on track with our goals and “The One Thing!” Yes, you must be in reality today and as a powerful leader, speak to the future.  

Remember, there are three decisions that we make every moment of our lives which determine our future: 
  1. What we choose to focus on.
  2. What meanings we apply to it.
  3. What we do in spite of fear or challenges.

Use your Fortune tools and remember you have been trained for this! There will be amazing opportunities and good fortune ahead and this will not determine our future.

We know that there is not one solution that fits all scenarios and that each solution must be customized for each and every client and their businesses. Here are two common scenarios that we hope can give you some guidance when creating your plan of action. 

  If you are considering maintaining open hours, here are some things to consider….
  • Employee Communication – Give them the option of either staying home or coming to work depending on how they personally answer the questions below. Be proactive with any temporary agencies in case you need to temporarily fill a position. Make sure you have a job profile ready for each team member’s position.  
  • Patient considerations, patient communications and other considerations:
  1. Screen your patients BEFORE they arrive and at the time of appointment reminders,
2. Take each patient's temperature. If the temperature is above 99, delay treatment.
3. In addition to cleaning treatment areas between patients, be sure to also clean waiting room chairs,
doorknobs, pens and other surfaces.
4. Remove magazines, toys, pillows and other items in the patient waiting room.
5. To help maintain social distancing, consider implementing a virtual waiting room where patients can
wait in their cars until you text them to come inside for their appointments.
6. Consider restricting or postponing elective treatment appointments and consider postponing
appointments with those who are elderly, immuno-compromised, pregnant or part of an at-risk population.

If you are considering closing temporarily, here are some things to consider….
While state associations are not government agencies that can force you to close, we do believe that in some cases, closing temporarily can help provide your patients and employees with the certainty they need right now. It is the most proactive way to help our community limit exposure and spread of this virus. Most employees and patients would prefer to stay home with their loved ones at least for the time being.

We also believe that a temporary closure of two to three weeks can be made up later in the year and will have limited impact on the yearly forecast.  It will drive us to be more proactive and more efficient.

  • Employees Communication - Click Here for a sample letter to employees
  • Subcontractors - you are not obligated to pay them a daily rate - they will make up their production when the practice is back up and running.  If they have their own corporation, they can petition the SBA for any available relief. 
  • HR Resource - Check with your HR provider for recent updates and support. (We will send more information as its available from our HR and Legal Partners)
  • Patients / Create a Proactive Plan:
Patient communications – Questions to ask your patients (see above)
Reschedule the next two weeks: Create a Ghost Hygiene Column
  • Keep in mind - this production will be made up in the future!
  • Emergency Patients – Schedule within the next 48 hours and offer a direct line to a doctor that is available to patients

Financial / Insurance:
  • Inquire about your Insurance Policies 
We have found over the years that most dentists are unsure of the details of their insurance policies. Contact your insurance expert and get detailed information about your business interruption policy.  What is covered? What is the amount of coverage? What is the deductible? When does it kick in? For example, it might not kick in for 30 days. A 14-day interruption for self-quarantine might not be covered.  Viruses might not be covered. The important point is to find out what you have, determine what you need and make any adjustments to coverage that make sense.
  • Taxes deferment - Keep in mind that tax deadlines have been deferred to ease financial stresses anyone might have.
  • Loan deferments - If needed, you many consider requesting a deferment from your financial institution for any current loans. Be prepared to offer financial statements and projection reports in order to apply for this deferment.

Seminars / Office Visits:
  • As of now, for the next 30 days, all scheduled seminars and office visits with Fortune will be postponed. We will be reassessing the situation in two weeks and will provide update on specific needs of each client.
  • Platinum Circle D.C. has been cancelled and we will focus on our next event in the fall.

  • We strongly encourage putting a hold on any paid advertising you have scheduled for the coming weeks. This may include direct mail, adwords and online campaigns. Your audience may not be in the right mind to hear your messaging right now and it is best saved for in a few weeks when your audience is ready.

Addtional Resources and Articles

So... What's great about this? Yes, there is a lot of good that will come of this. Challenge yourself to stay positive and optimistic and know we are here for you every step of the way.

With gratitude,

Fortune Management
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