Thanks to all of your support we are just shy of our goal of raising a total of $25,000 during Grassroots Funding Week. 100% of these funds will go directly to the below organizations as part of PDF's Community Organizing Grants!

This weekend is the last chance to give for Grassroots Funding Week. Click on the organizations below to read more about them and to support their work!
Monday, April 25th
Racial Justice: A Movement, Not a Moment
Building it Together - (New Haven, CT)

Tuesday, April 26th
Building Power in the US South
No Exceptions - (Nashville, TN)
Black Life Response - (New Orleans, LA)
Fountain Heights Farm - (Birmingham, AL)

Wednesday, April 27th
Indigenous Community Resilience
Seeds of Harmony - (Round Rock, AZ)
People of the Confluence - (Bothell, WA)
Lakota Well Being Project - (McLaughlin, SD)

Thursday, April 28th
Taking Back Our Bodies
Tight-Lipped - (National)
The Queer-Trans Project - (Atlantic Beach, FL)

Friday, April 29th
Investing in a Just Economy
Fuerza Latina - (Fort Collins, CO)
The Womanist Working Collective - (Philadelphia, PA)
Home Roots Foundation - (Jean Rebel and Belle Fontaine, Haiti)

All of these organizations have received Community Organizing Grants from PDF. Please join us today in supporting these groups with a grassroots contribution.

Your support will amplify the powerful impact they have in their communities and add to the grant amount they receive from PDF.
Thank you for your support.