A big thank you again to all of our customers for the continued support and understanding through all of this!
You guys are amazing!
With the much anticipated reopening of Massachusetts, we know that everyone is waiting to go back to normal. We want to make sure that it is safe for everyone and that we are adhering to all mandatory state guidelines that our provided to us.

We are reopening the store on 6/10/2020.

There may be more adjustments to these changes as we go, so thank you in advance for your understanding.
• We are limiting the amount of customers to 3 in the store at one time.

• Please form an organized line outside the store behind the cone and swing around the corner of St. John Ave while waiting 6 feet apart. Please keep the stairs and door free while you are waiting.

• Masks are required for entry and service in the store at all times.
*If you cannot wear a mask please call the store and we will put together the order for you and bring it out to you. Preordering in this situation would be much appreciated!*

• Please try to maintain social distancing and respect for others space while in the store or waiting outside to enter the store.

• If you can, please have a list of what you need with you or call in your order previously (if items you need are normally cut to order, i.e. steaks, this is recommended!) so as the time spent in the store is minimal to make it a shorter wait for other customers.

• Please only touch the items you need to purchase.

• Store hours will remain 9am-3pm (Wednesday- Saturday) until further notice.

We will still be doing curbside pickup orders for those that are not comfortable entering the store with others at this time and that will have pickups available Thursday- Saturday (9am-12pm).

The front parking spot outside of the store will be reserved for curbside order pickup only parking. Please leave this space open for ONLY CURBSIDE ORDER PICK UP!

• Same Day orders are not guaranteed to have all fresh product and/or we may not have some items in the order.

• There will be some pauses in service to sanitize the common touch points in the store safely and we will have hand sanitizer at the register if needed just ask!

• If you feel sick, please stay home!

Please bear with us as this will be a new learning experience for us again and we will need to adjust as needed for safety!
Again we THANK ALL OF YOU SO MUCH for your support and understanding!
We are all in this together so let’s stay healthy and safe (and enjoy some great food!)

Mike & Jenn from Boston Beef