Dear Valued Members and Friends,

It’s here! We have the green light to open on Friday and we aren’t delaying a single second. You will have 24 hour access to Pulse Fitness at midnight tonight!

This is the first email in a series of email communications that will provide important information that we wish to share with you.

The safety and health of our members, employees, trainers, and everyone else who enters Pulse Fitness, is our absolute number one priority.  Emails that provide details on how we must conduct ourselves to ensure we are doing absolutely everything possible to keep y’all safe (and be allowed to keep our doors open!) will be popping up in your inbox. We humbly request that you read each one.

Additionally, we have some super cool things happening and our emails are how you will learn about your new awesome membership features.

First things first……. Here are the headlines:

·          We are opening at midnight tonight!

·          We will have classes and the class schedule is posted on our Facebook page, Instagram and on our website We will include information about class size limits, distancing requirements and our intent to add additional classes to our schedule in a separate email. A bit of exciting information – we are providing shade outside where some of our classes will be held. This lawn is available for every Pulse Fitness member to use, not just for classes!

·          At this time, you do not need a reservation to enter the gym. We have done our homework, and at the required 50% of normal occupancy, we fall short of that number even during the busiest hours due to our large 15,000 building. We will however be monitoring our compliance with this state directive and will make changes if necessary.

·          You will receive a separate email about how we are keeping you safe and complying with the Phase 2 state directive. BUT, let us stress that we need help from every member to disinfect everything you touch throughout the gym, use hand sanitizer / wash hands often, maintain at least 6 feet from every other person, and comply with the CDC recommendations posted throughout the gym.

·          The (temporary) bad news. Below are areas that we are not allowed to open yet :
o   Kid’s Club
o   Saunas
o   Lockers (toilets & sinks are open)
o   Showers

·          We have adjusted our staff schedule to include frequent cleaning and disinfecting. This will mean that there are times we are not able to be at the front desk. We will staff the front desk as much as possible, but cleaning will take priority.

As we said, please put on your reading glasses, grab a cup of coffee (or wine) and enjoy reading the emails that pop up in your inbox today, tomorrow, and heck, for many days and weeks to come.
In Health and Wellness,
Pulse Fitness
(775) 782-2705