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A Better Way to Buy Bitcoins - Introduction to Bitcoin Forward
There are plenty of ways to acquire bitcoins. You can sell your own products or services in exchange for them. You can get them from friends and relatives. You can even receive them as a tip because you posted a witty or logical response on a blog. Individuals used to be able to mine them profitably before bitcoin mining was taken over by massive data center deployments in Asia and other remote regions of the world where power is cheap.
But there are still plenty of ways to buy bitcoins. You can buy them from individuals locally or attend Bitcoin meet-ups and exchange cash for them right on the spot. You can open an online account at an exchange like Coinbase, Bitfinex, Itbit and Bitstamp. Or you can buy them directly from a Bitcoin ATM, if you can find one. Each of these possibilities comes with its own unique set of hurdles that have to be overcome. Plus, you'll have to pay various premiums of up to 10% above market price. Now there's a much better way for the long-term Bitcoin buyer to acquire bitcoins. Best of all, it comes with a huge 20% discount below spot price.

Introducing Bitcoin forward
If you intend to hold your bitcoins for at least 6 months, then buying bitcoin forward contracts directly from the mine may be just what you are looking for. Bitcoin forwards are similar to gold deferred-delivery purchase agreements, which have been used to finance precious metals and gemstone mines large and small for hundreds of years. Some of the largest Asian miners use Bitcoin forward contracts to finance equipment purchases. This may have helped contribute to their present domination of the Bitcoin mining industry.

Bitcoin forward purchases are now available in the USA.
Now, for the first time, Bitcoin forward contracts are available for purchase directly from our mine. Bitvest Digital Mining, a US-based, large-scale enterprise miner, is celebrating our third year by offering you, the long-term Bitcoin buyer, your best opportunity to enter the Bitcoin market or to increase your holdings, all at a substantial discount.

Why is everyone so excited about Bitcoin forward purchases?
Well, let's do some simple math. Both Bill and Carol are looking to buy $10,000 worth of bitcoins. Bill buys his bitcoins at a spot price of $400, (plus varying fees and premiums). He receives 25 Carol buys her bitcoins from Bitvestmint.com at a 20% discount, paying only $320. She receives 31.25 bitcoins for the same $10,000. Down the road, the value of Bitcoin doubles to $800. Bill sells his bitcoins for a grand total of $20,000 and realizes a 100% increase.

At the same time, Carol sells her bitcoins for a grand total of $25,000, and realizes a 150% increase. (50% more profit than Bill)

What if the price had stayed the same and they decided to sell their bitcoins anyway?

Bill's bitcoins would be worth the same $10,000 he started with. However, Carol would end up cashing out for a whopping $12,500!! A 25% profit.

Now who would you rather be Bill or Carol? The answer is clear.                                                     
Simply press the "Buy Bitcoins Now" button to lock in your discounted Bitcoin purchase.                   

We accept all major credit cards, Bank wires and Cashier's checks. Not available to residents of New York and New Hampshire. Read terms and conditions.

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