Your March News & Updates

We are very excited to share with you that we are the recipients of a $25,000 Investment Readiness Program (IRP) grant from Community Foundations of Canada. With this funding, we will be working on a comprehensive strategic plan that will include community and client engagement, so that we to learn from you about how we can better support children and all those who are care for them in our community.

Also of note, our Valentine's Raffle for our Playful Healing program raised almost $1,500 to fund free children's therapy services - this is almost 38hrs of support for children and their families. So thank-YOU for your support, as this will help us take some children off the waitlist and get them connected to our play therapists at Springfield Kids. 

Last month, we had the pleasure of hosting Dr. Jody Carrington in partnership with Shuswap and Kamloops CCRRs. Jody was real, fun and engaging and reminded us that children are going to struggle when they feel that their caregivers are going through a lot - and we all have been through a lot this past year. She reminded us parents, caregivers, educators that we have got this! And to take a deep breath and stay connected because that's what we are all hard-wired for, and what children need the most always, but especially now.

And lastly, we wanted to share a wonderful quote from a recent Provincial meeting from Minister of State for Child Care, Katrina Chen; she noted that "child care providers are the workforce behind the workforce," and we truly believe this, and stand behind the important work we are all doing collaboratively to solve the childcare crisis in our communities. 

Take care everyone, and keep up the amazing, important work you're doing,

Melissa Hunt,
Executive Director
CCRR Manager
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Childcare Educators: Did You Know?
Child Care Fee Reduction Grant
Did you know that child care providers are eligible for grants to lower fees for their families?
Subsidy Information
Families who make up to $111,000/yr are eligible for child care subsidy. Families require an "Arrangement Form" from their care provider to apply.
Health & Safety
This information is to assist child care providers with health and safety information and support during the COVID-19 pandemic.
ECE Education Support Fund

Application submissions:
March 15 (7am) to March 26 (4pm)

Student Bursary Applications Support:
March 3 (7-9pm)

Workforce Development Applications:
March 10 (7-9pm)
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Domestic Violence: Tool Kit Resource
Early Childhood Exposure To Domestic Violence: You Can Help, a toolkit for individuals working with children between the ages 0-5

Help with Child Care Grants & Policies
Contact Jeanne at to discuss how she can help write policies, procedures, grants, and more!
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Early Years Library
Spring is in the air! Check out our little Fairy Garden available for borrowing. Or try making your own with loose parts from around your home!
Learning Through Play
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The ECPN Project and the Pedgogist Role
February Update and FAQ's from the Early Childhood Pedagogy Network.
Parent & Family Resources
Speech Language Referral Process
Are you concerned about language/speech development for your child? See the chart below for how to navigate support services in the Central Okanagan.

Online Parenting Workshop
This two part workshops touches on the basics of stress in children. Learn about nervous symptom responses, (fight /flight/ freeze) and what behaviors to look for. Join a supportive discussion and learn some coping strategies along the way.
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