We are so excited about our next lineup of workshops!
MIND UP Parent Training
January 29th
Aspen Elementary School
Have you heard about MindUP™ but want to know more? MindUP™ is grounded in Neuroscience, activated by Mindful Awareness, inspired by Positive Psychology and a catalyst for Social and Emotional Learning. 

This workshop is for all parents. To learn more and support your child at home!

Free childcare and food. Please register so we have an accurate count.

Click the link below more information on MindUP™

Harnessing Happiness
 February 5th
Aspen Middle School
Free Childcare and food
A Look at Positive Psychology, Attachment Theory, Brain Development and Building Resilient Children

Presented by Charlotte Margulies, Mind Spring Health School Based- Therapist

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February 12th
Aspen Elementary School
Free Childcare and food
Technology and the Internet changes daily if not hourly... it's a lot to keep up with! Join Chris Durham, Dave Fuentes and Anita Moose as they support you through the ASD webpage, Power School and any other questions you may have.

The evening will also cover ways to keep your child safe online and what precautions you can take as parents.

Please register for child care and food count!

Angst...Raising Awareness
around Anxiety

An IndieFlix Original, documentary designed to raise awareness around anxiety. The film includes interviews with kids, teens, educators, experts, and parents.

February 20th
Aspen District Theater
No childcare will be provided

The film is recommended for kids 10 and up. It is a powerful film to watch together!

Click here to view the trailer
The Biggest Job We'll Ever Have
Parenting Workshop

Presented by Meg Dangler
M.Ed & Parenting Coach

Whether you are just starting out as parents or you are on the home stretch, you will gain valuable information to make your family the best it can be!

February 21st OR 26th

February 21st @ the Yellow Brick
(more focus on younger families)
February 26th @ Aspen Elementary School
(all ages)

Free childcare and food

Great Parenting…
It’s hard,
It’s doable,
It’s never too late,
and it’s never too early!

Parents are the primary teacher and the home is the primary classroom!

10 Priorities will be presented as concepts to think about,wrestle with, laugh about,and most importantly, fully apply to your daily lives.

After this evening, you will have a
better sense of long term goals for your
family. The workshop is based off Hyde Schools progam and the book The Biggest Job We'll Ever Have .

For more information or questions, contact the Aspen Family Connections Office (970) 925-3760 x2210