Welcome to our latest newsletter for 2021
We survived 2020 and now begin our 19th year in business!
Note From Jo...
It's already March and we celebrate our 19th year Anniversary at the English Rose Tea Room. We have survived the many hot desert summers over the years; the ups and downs of the economy; presidential elections; naysayers who said a tea room in the desert would never last, and now Covid.

With almost a full year of the pandemic behind us, I have asked myself what has changed? Our lives have altered in so many ways and we are now all living out our new realities;

Well first, the facemask has become my new friend, after a fraught start to our relationship, we have learned to live together.

From trying to make a mask from a vintage handkerchief (note to self: don't bother) to wearing masks with double ribbons that trussed up my head like a leg of lamb; to masks that made me look like I was impersonating a surgeon, a painter or a sheet-metal worker; to Laura- Ashley-Kate-Middleton inspired dainty floral patterns; to velvets, camouflage, animal print and my latest favorite sequins. I really do think I now own a face mask to match every outfit and occasion. And I wont be seen at work without one...not yet anyway.

I thought this only happened in prisons? We were the lucky ones though. Our Tea Room closed for 41 days while, during late spring of 2020, we tried to comply with all the new restrictions and regulations, and work out how to get through it all in one piece.

Lockdown for many others meant no venturing outside. Literally. No perusing the local shops. No socializing. No parties. No theater. No school. My hats off to all the moms and mums that over this last year have tried to keep their children on-track with on-line schooling, often while working from home themselves.

I never realized how often my fellow 'zoomers' scratched their noses, yawned, fidgeted and balanced a ceiling fan on their head, until forced to watch them (and of course myself) during business meetings. Having become the "filter" expert, I have learned to put on lipstick, blush, conceal wrinkles and even get those Hollywood eyebrows I have always coveted...all with three clicks of a mouse. Another note to self: entire "touch-up" leaps off your face and lands on husband's if he crashes in on a zoom meeting, creating much hilarity for all concerned.

4 Social Distancing.
It used to be that you'd steer clear of anyone with bad breath or B.O. Now we just steer clear of everyone. In groceries store (Oh! The look you'll get if you lean in too far in front of someone to grab the milk). Waiting at the Post Office? Don't expect help if your parcel is too heavy, that would mean getting way too close. Holding meetings in person with chairs spread in a circle 6 feet apart, like all self-respecting alcoholics at an AA meeting.

We have become accustomed to no hugs, no kissing, no shaking hands or fond touches of familiarity and will we ever feel the same again about any of that?

Personally, I so look forward to the day when I can meet my parents in England and can hug them once again, fingers crossed that will be in July this year.

Our tearoom may have recently been allowed to go back to 100% occupancy, but in order to still comply with the mandated 6 foot social distancing between tables, we still have half our tables removed from service. Actually we love the extra space and so do our customers. But note to all: make a reservation or you'll never get to see it!

In spite and despite the challenges we faced over the last year, we are still here! We may not be greeting our Canadian and International customers just yet, but with vaccines rolling out and consumer confidence building daily it really does feel as though the light is on at the end of a very long tunnel.

And so...
We have recently had delivery of beautiful new merchandise for the Tea Room; a curated menu with all your favorites; space inside and out on our gorgeous patio and a stellar team that have stuck with me through it all and are ready to serve you.

Make a cup of tea and enjoy reading this 2021 newsletter as we focus on the future and all the fun we plan to have along the way. Thank you for all your support during this pandemic journey. We couldn't have made it this far without you.


Jo x

Jo Gemmill | Owner
English Rose Tea Room
PO Box 5865
201 Easy Street #103
Phone: 480.488.4812
Christmas 2020
Our Year End Wrap Up| 2020
After a Christmas season replete with all the usual festive trimmings; Santa, carolers, elves and Christmas lights, we finished out the year in gowns and crowns. Well, where else were we going to wear them?

I posted a video of our Nutcracker Ballet performances at the Tea Room (yes, with removing tables we actually had room to host a mini ballet). The video is on our Facebook page and never has anything been viewed or 'shared' as much as that post.

You can also find our Facebook page on our website and view all our Christmas photos and videos. 😊
Mask de Jour
And you thought I was kidding.
Things to look forward to...
Spring is on the Way!
Have you noticed how the house feels all empty and boring once you take down the Christmas tree?

We had the same feeling at the Tea Room when we had to take down our Christmas trees, granted they had been up since the end of October as we had all needed something sparkly and special to look forward to back then.

Well, the Tea Room looked so desolate after we took them down, so we planted up cherry trees instead. And now it feels cheery in a cherry-blossomy kind of way.
Pick your color!

Tea pots in every color arrived in early February and we have already sold most of them!

Re-ordering as we speak so make sure you visit us to find the perfect match for your teacup or kitchen!

Spring cleaning!
Out with the old to make way for the new, as we held a massive side-walk sale and cleared out the stockroom in readiness for new merchandise. Now we are looking for some new gorgeous vintage pieces, so if you have any of Grandma's old china, save it for us!
Love is in the air.
Fabulous new cups and saucers in shades pink thru red arrived in time for Valentine's Day, accompanied by our delicious Valentine's Tea, black tea infused with rose and chocolate, and we still have plenty in stock in case if you feel tempted!
A clean bill of health for us!
We were so relieved that we passed our Health Inspection with flying colors. My grateful thanks to my conscientious kitchen team.

P.S. Face masks are still required at the Tea Room and tables socially distanced for all our safety
1920's and more
To celebrate our 19th Anniversary we decided to bring back the glamor of the 1920's...well, one thing led to another and we decided to continue the '19' theme all year.

So watch out for the 1940's, 60s, 70s and 80s as the year continues. We love an excuse to get dressed up! We will post information to our Facebook page so make sure you follow us! And while you are on Facebook, check out the before & after pictures of the Tea Room 2002 versus 2021!
Tea on the Patio
Our patio is beautiful in the Spring and what better place to sit and enjoy a good cup of tea, with maybe a couple of scones with lots of jam and Devon cream. Sounds good? Give us a call 480 488 4812.
We are looking for Seasonal Help!

If you have time to spare and have always wanted to work at the Tea Room, we are looking for seasonal part-time servers and bussers. 3-4 days a week 10.30am to 5.00pm (includes weekends). No experience necessary but must love tea! Tell us about yourself and why you'd be the perfect fit. Click the link below!

Flashback to a year ago...
I love 'google memories' when your smart phone reminds you of things that happened in the past. Not that any of us really need reminding of 2020, but this photo popped up of my 'lockdown' tea party with the only guests I was allowed to invite. And very ungrateful they were too. Didn't drink the tea and left the table 5 seconds after the photo was taken. (thankfully the pieces of ham hidden in the teacups kept them in place long enough for the camera click)
Dates for Spring 2021
  • March 17th, Wearing o' the Green! St Patrick's Day (and anniversary of Tea Room lockdown).
  • April 4th , Easter (we will be closed)
  • May 9th Mother's Day. Special 6- course Afternoon Tea, music & gifts. $65.00. Call for reservations 480 488 4812

Everyone Is Treated Like Royalty At The English Rose Tea Room, So See You Soon For Tea.

Jo Gemmill | Owner ❀

PO Box 5865
201 Easy Street #103
Carefree, Arizona 85377
Phone: 480.488.4812