How was your Thanksgiving Holiday?

We are thankful for NEW opportunities.

May we learn to enjoy the little pleasures of each day. . . and at the end of the day,
we will have a lovely bouquet.
Our dear YAG Member
Marjory Kuhfahl
will be 100 years
young on June 4th.
The lovely bouquet
on the left was painted by our dear Marjorie Kuhfahl.
We shall count our blessings!
A Delightful surprise!
Last week, while I was beginning to prepare this next Constant Contact announcement, I received an email from a customer who purchased
the first painting "on-line" !!!

It was a painting by Marjory...our 99 year old
YAG Member!

"Sunest on Lake Champlain"
a lovely oil - 17 x 21" framed. Congrats Marjory!

The following day, Karen Maier also sold a painting!

There is still time for YAG paid members to join. Thanks! Joan

NEWS from the South of France!
We are THANKFUL for new opportunities!

Our YAG Member
Nadine (Nad) Bressy
sends along warm greetings along with her husband Henri.

Many of you may remember her and her husband during the time we enjoyed our
YAG Paintbox Art Gallery in South Yarmouth.

"Yes, we need LOVE and PRAYERS to have a better world. I really wish that you will not have troubled times during these post election weeks and afterward.
This is a very challenging time indeed. The U S, this beautiful country, needs to be united again. People need to find Peace in their hearts again.
Take good care, stay safe." 
a paraphrase from Nadine
The PAINTINGS below were done by NADINE
along with her relative personal comments . . .
"So In Love!”


The essence of life is love.

Love allows us to achieve the impossible! 

Love allows a soul to
grow up!

"Let's fly Away"
Life has been stressful lately. Too much suffering, too much tension all over the world, too much pain and disasters. I felt like the only way to face all of it is to fly away and to find again our child soul within ourselves....Maybe the way to keep hope. ~ paraphrase Nadine

We live in a time where too many people run after money and power (which I understand). However, this is their only goal! They live in a very materialistic world.
In GOLD they trust.... and too often they forget, In GOD WE TRUST.
They forget to enjoy little things in their lives, small happy things and events.  They forget to be more altruistic and how the beauty of Mother Nature can give them such joy and peace in their hearts. This is why I painted the hen with golden eggs (nature and money).

~ a paraphrse . . . Thank you Nadine!

We also welcome Nadine to our "On-Line" Sales feature as she prepares her art information to join our website sales feature. We look forward to viewing her gallery of art!
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In the New Year 2021
we are planning many new events.

We are currently working on our new event calendar for 2021 which will be ready soon . . . hopefully next week.
Be sure you check the YAG website under "Art for Sale" to view outstanding artwork.

We plan to resume our April Student Art Classes. We will hope and pray vaccines will be soon be distributed and our healthy lives may resume without fear.

Blessings to all . . . be safe!
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