Meet Rasha, Our Gift Shop Assistant
"After three years of working as the Gift Shop Assistant, what I love the most about the College is that God always comes first, and then everything else."

International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People
When people are being brutalized, how should the world respond? To stand in solidarity with people is to feel their suffering and hear their voices. It is to empathize with the injured community and walk by its side to advocate for justice and peace.
Bible Live:
The Shepherds
During this month before Christmas, we thank you Lord that you chose the Shepherds, the outcast and humble people, to give them the good news. We pray that you give us humble hearts to accept your greatest gift to the earth!
Dr. Salim Munayer
Thank you, Doctor, for what you have taught us! Thank you for your great person, efforts, and writings that affected not only Palestine but also the whole world!

Advent Devotions From BethBC
The anticipation of the birth of the Prince of Peace is one that compels us to consider a way of life that reflects that reality. So take time to prepare for His coming by following along through these four weeks of advent readings.
Join us TODAY, November 30th, and help more students achieve their purpose and call in life!
The Bethlehem Institute of Peace and Justice invites you to our webinar on the 14th of December at 8 PM Jerusalem time (1 PM EST US), entitled:
"Are There Any Roads that Lead to Peace? What positive signs are there of growing support internationally for the Palestinian community?"

We will be hosting the Ambassador to the UN Feda Abdelhady-Nasser, our president Rev. Dr. Jack Sara, and our academic dean, Dr. Munther Isaac. Rev. Dr. Andrew Bush will be the moderator of the session.

This webinar is the final meeting for our first-semester course, but we are opening it to you!
Christmas is almost on the horizon!
Of all the Christmas decorations available in the world, the most popular is the traditional Nativity set, depicting the beloved Holy Family.

Who would not want a Nativity Set, knowing that it is carved in Bethlehem, where Jesus was born?  Read more!
Praise the Lord for a great year! Despite all the challenges and the difficult political situation, new students have joined us, we are organizing our first Christmas festival for the Bethlehem Society, we launched a new Master’s Degree Program in Theology of Public Concern, and we offered many language courses for the community. 

  • As we enter the Christmas season, let us all pray for a blessed time for all members of Bethlehem Bible College family, and a season of change in Bethlehem, Palestine. May the Prince of Peace be born into every heart this season

Please pray that the story of our journey would spread to more friends in order for them to know more about us and that our students would have the chance to continue their education, become leaders of change in their society, and achieve their call.

  • While we praise the Lord for pouring His rain over our country, let us pray for those whose circumstances make living through the winter weather difficult. May the Lord warm their hearts and provide them with all they need to endure the winter.

Give thanks with us for the ministry of the Shepherd Society, who provided assistance for 450 needy families with food packages during this Christmas season, invited 40 children for our Christmas festival, and continues to support more people with medical supplies.