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We are expanding our successful mentoring program for Vermont children of incarcerated parents to include children who have been removed from their homes by social services and placed in the foster care system in Addison County. For these children, whose lives are characterized by instability, the New Circle Mentoring program provides the constancy of a long-term mentoring relationship, which can be a key factor in helping them overcome the obstacles on their paths to healthy adulthood. 

While we are actively working to combat the effects of childhood trauma by helping to build mentee resilience, we need  your  help to make our efforts go even further. Right now there are dozens of at-risk children in the custody of the Central Vermont Department of Children and Families who are in need of a stable mentoring relationship. Please consider making a donation to Safer Society Foundation to help us achieve this critically important mission. 

-Erika Linskey, New Circle Mentoring Director
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Your generous contribution will help us grow and expand our programs, such as New Circle Mentoring , to reach more at-risk youths and their families in the community.
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Education & Resources
We strongly believe it is important to understand the effects of parental incarceration; learn the signs of childhood trauma known as Adverse Childhood Experiences; and have resources available for children and families who are affected by parental incarceration.
Grant Awarded from the Vermont Community Foundation

Safer Society Foundation recently received a $2,500 grant from the Walter Cerf Fund of the Vermont Community Foundation. The grant will help further the Safer Society Foundation’s initiatives to mitigate the impact of mass incarceration on American children and their families by enlarging the scope of the New Circle Mentoring program, which is specifically designed to meet the needs of children who have at least one parent in prison or who have been removed from their homes by social services and are in the foster care system.
 “The goal of the New Circle Mentoring program is to increase the resilience and create the community connections our mentees need to overcome the obstacles they face to becoming emotionally and mentally healthy adults, and to support them continuously as they do so.”
- Erika Linskey, Program Director
Are you part of a business that can contribute to activities for our mentees (or have a great idea that we should know about)? We would love to hear from you!
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