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"I was sure I’m at the college for a bigger reason than myself. To be part of changing society is an amazing honor. That also means that you create a better future for your family."

Forgiveness Has the Power to Free Us
Palestinians, in general, were able to forgive and move forward in regard to past issues. Their problem is that the aggression continues to happen and their past pain continues to follow them into their present lives.
By Rev. Dr. Jack Sara
Bible Live:
The Anointing of David
In this Month's Bible Live, we relive the anointing of David, and we remind ourselves that though David sinned a lot, he was chosen by God because he was always able to repent.

Inaugural Year of Peace Studies Program Concludes
"We should be reminded that reconciliation and the pursuit of justice should be at the top of our personal and national priorities. For this reason the BIPJ and its programs exist."

We are Waiting for You!
Bethlehem, Jerusalem, and this region is a beautiful land steeped in the rich history of the Bible. Yet, it is also a contemporary place filled with great people and complex issues that need our concern and prayer."
As we are recruiting students for the new academic year, please pray with us that the Lord will open the way for those who desire to study at Bethlehem Bible College, that He will guide His children into the right field, where they will continue to build His kingdom on earth.
We praise the Lord for our successful summer community training programs. We have 94 children and 29 young leaders in our summer camp, which is still going on now, in addition to more than 60 international and local students in our language courses. Pray with us that these programs are not just filling their time or teaching them languages, but are teaching them the love of Jesus Christ.
Congratulations to our recent high school (Tawjihi) graduates! Blessings on them as they decide on their next steps!
Due to the occupation, Palestinians in the West Bank have been suffering from water shortages for days and even weeks, while Gaza’s water infrastructure has been badly damaged. Because of this, Palestinians in Gaza have been really suffering from the lack of safe drinking water. Please keep us in your prayers.
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