February 2018


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Sister Bethany Madonna visits
St. Isidore's  Catholic Student Center

Sister Bethany Madonna filled Newman Hall at St. Isidore's Catholic Student Center on Friday, February 23, at 11 AM, with 150 women from Kansas State University and throughout the state of Kansas.  Later, at 1 PM, she filled the Chapel, with a larger crowd of 350 men and women answering the question of "what is Jesus asking of you?"  While asking this question, she reminded them that no matter which vocation they are called to, it is God's call for their life, that He knows the way He wants each of
 them to love, and that He wants fullness of life for them.  Sister Bethany Madonna encouraged the students to take 20 minutes each day to pray in silence with journals, bibles, no music and phones.  

Sister Bethany Madonna entered the Sisters of Life in 2007.  She was involved in Catholic Campus Ministry and the Students for Life Club.  She and her friends discovered "Theology of the Body".  It was during this time that she could hear a call to make a total gift of herself
as she was seeking the Lord's will for her life.  She began planning a trip to study  abroad in Italy.  She was seeking romance, adventure and gelato.  She was also seeking to get away from distractions so she could hear Jesus's voice.  Sister Be thany Madonna also began, at this time, joining a friend in praying the rosary outside of an abortion clinic.  Prior to this, abortion was 
distant from her, a political term, immoral medical procedure, a sin.  She saw for the first time that abortion had a human face.  She continued throughout her time in college praying and counseling at the abortion clinics.    

While she was studying in Italy with her secular, public university she was informed that the
 women's dorm had accidentally been overbooked.  The only space avail able to them was a  little "pensione" run by three religious sisters in white habits.  
The other girls with her were devastated with a 9 PM curfew and being separated from the guys.  Sister Bet hany Madonna knew in heart that somehow this was for her.  After returning home, she knew she needed to answer, "is God calling me to a religious life?"  Sister   Bethany Madonna loves sharing the message of life and love.
Campus Involvement Day at K-State featuring 
St. Isidore's Catholic Student Center

On Friday, February 16, Newman Hall at St. Isidore's Catholic Student Center was filled with 45 prospective K-State students exploring how K-State Catholic students become involved in their fait
Dr. Bosco, K-State Vice President for Student Life and Dean of Students welcoming students and parents to K-State inside Newman Hall of St. Isidore's Catholic Student Center
h while attending Kansas State  University.  Dr. Pat Bosco, Kansas State University Vice President for Student Life and Dean of Students, welcomed the prospective students to kick-off the morning.   Future students and their parents transitioned into the Chapel to hear from Father Gale, students Lindsay May and Ethan Stueve, as well as FOCUS Missionaries Jordan Gardenhire and Chad Leleux.  Students toured St. Isidore's and ended their morning with daily Mass celebrated by Father Gale. 

Senior Lindsay May shared with those visiting that there are going to be more opportunities at their fingertips than they can wrap their minds around when they arrive on a college campus.  She shared from her personal experiences of getting sucked into schoolwork, dorm life, and new friends that she did not make St. Isidore's a priority except for Mass on Sundays.  She knew that going into her second semester junior
year she would encounter more stress than she had ever before with applications to medical school and the MCAT exam.  She knew she needed a support system that could help her through those milestones and beyond.  "I finally said 'yes' to the FOCUS SEEK Conference and there I discovered a renewed confidence and peace in my faith that was so much better than what I had experienced in high school because it was finally my choice and I saw my raw need for God and other  people who seek Him."  Since attending the FOCUS SEEK Conference in January 2017, it has been easier for her to put St. Isidore's on her calendar with bible studies, a woman's retreat, more conferences, and just time at the church.  It is in these things that have given her roots and friendships she wished she had three years ago. 

A junior from Kansas City, who attended the Campus Involvement Day, shared later with Father Gale, "before I got to K-State on Friday, I was very worried about it feeling like a place that I couldn't call home, due to its size.  I was very worried about just being a number and not being able to find a community where I could  grow as a person and in my faith at a state school.  After spending some time at St. Isidore's Catholic Center, all those worries faded.  The sense 
Tour of St. Isidore's Catholic Student Center
of community you have there was absolutely amazing. I was blown away. I have toured a few other colleges and observed their Catholic centers and I haven't experienced anything like what you have created at K-State. I love how many opportunities for involvement the students get and how easy it is to access a place filled with people who want the best for you and want to help you have a relationship with God.  I'm so glad that a visit like this was created. Yes, I did enjoy walking around campus and talking to administration and students, they were all absolutely amazing; although what really put me over the top was getting to experience the St. Isidore's Center 'in action'. K-State has the complete package in my opinion! I am now completely sold on going to K-State and I am so excited to prepare myself to come and join you all in another year or so!"

Men's Group

Tuesday mornings at 6:30 AM, 60 men of St. Isidore's Catholic Student Center come together for breakfast, a presentation, two decades of the rosary, and small group discussion.  Why 6:30 AM? Ethan Meyer, senior, shares that, "men are made to be challenged.  It draws us.  Standing together with other men is something that we all desire, but seldom have the opportunity to do. 
60 college men on January 30 at 6:30 AM for the first meeting of the Men's Group
 The 6:30 AM start time not only provides a challenge to help men grow spiritually, but, also fosters bonds that can only be formed through mutual hardships."   Kevin Kellerman, junior, goes on to share that it says in Mark 1:35, "rising very early before dawn, he left and went off to a deserted place, where he prayed."  Kellerman goes on to state that "St. John Paul II said that "God has planted a reflection of himself not only in our souls but also in our bodies.'  Men on K-State's campus, and frankly all men, experience the attack on this from the world everyday.  Whether it is the negative image our culture paints of a father who is too busy to spend time with his kids daily, or listen to the needs of his wife, or the daily temptations men face that block our ability to see women as daughters of Christ.  We need to band together and realize that the reflection of God within us is alive, but we need each other as men to discover it and let it show." The Men's Group is molded after other men's groups that have been formed at othe
"A Call to Battle" watched during the first meeting of the Men's Group at St. Isidore's
r parishes.  Meyer had heard about it from a man that he talked to that was part of a parish in Wichita.  

Meyer continued to share that one moment that has stuck out for him during Men's Group was during the first meeting, "we watched an inspiring film that was a call to spiritual battle for men.  Later in the small groups, my group opened up and talked about struggles that they have and how to overcome them."   Meyer wishes "that the men attending, and all men realize just how beneficial this group can be.  I believe that this Men's Group and the popularity is not just a fluke or just something that can happen at St. Isidore's.  I believe that these groups could thrive all over the country if we just had men that are willing to put the time in to start them.  Once they are started, they do not require  a great deal of work, and the men who do attend are more than willing to help."

Meyer and Kellerman both agre
Praying together two decades of the Rosary
e that they hope the Men's Group will bring strong friendships that can help them build virtuous habits and that the men who attend will be strengthened in their faith.  Kellerman finds "the amount of freshmen men who have taken the risk to step out of their comfort zones to come to these meetings by themselves is most inspiring." 
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