The Road Report
December 27, 2016

The Kings Island Drive Improvements Are Complete

The work on Kings Island Drive is a major component of our regional improvement program and this completion marks a major milestone for us because it paves the way (both literally and figuratively) for the next phase of work in this area. Work to create a full movement interchange at I-71 & Western Row Road will begin in early 2017.

As we put the finishing touches on a few minor items along Kings Island Drive, such as plantings and project clean-up, you may notice crews working in the project area from time-to-time, but our roadway work in this area is COMPLETED! 
Kings Island Drive has been widened and improved with a new left turn lane for southbound traffic turning into Kings Island. This project was coordinated with Kings Island's consolidation of their two entrances into one main entrance.  New medians, curbs and gutters, traffic signals, overhead signage, decorative lighting, street trees, landscaping and a bike path from Western Row Road to Great Wolf Drive have also been added.

The City of Mason managed this project that better supports incoming traffic off of I-71.

The Kings Island Drive Improvements were completed on schedule. 

If it's been a while since you've driven this road, the traffic pattern has changed slightly, so please slow down, read the signs, and be mindful of other drivers as you drive through this area.

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