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Who you you trust? The Alt Right? Republicans? Conservatism is the philosophy 
that sovereignty resides in the individual, and if you believe in a Higher authority, 
our ultimate sovereignty is God    Link

Humans know God's laws even if they have never met Him or read scripture or 
heard  of the Ten Commandments. God has written His will on the heart of every 
human,  and we apprehend God's moral law as good and right. This has been true 
for all time.  The Law convicts us all just as the Gospel saves us all. That is why 
we must share i t with everyone.  ( help from Portals of Prayer )

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In This Issue

Side Notes
Antifa is what they claim to oppose - fascists intent on intimidation and chaos.
  Antifa Website calls for violence against Trump supporters   Article

A petition to Label Antifa Terror Group Has 146,000 Signatures So Far, triggering White House response -    Article

When is protest against free speech Intimidation? When a gang of 5.000 show up with some hired thugs to intimidate and terrorize 1,000 with a permit to assemble, is it the first group's sole responsibility when trouble breaks out? 
  When two far left totalitarian groups  show up  - one aryan (falswly labeled far right), is it always solely the group's fault with more  whites ?
   Was Trump right when he said both groups had some good people, and both groups are at fault?  We certainly think so!

Polls say Trump's approval ratings currently average 38.4%; disapproval 55.7% Polls

Gov. Snyder's approval  year ago was 32%, disapproval 63%  Source

Congress approval 15.3%; disapproval 73.3% Polls  

Trump may be the highest rated Republican on the National scene. 
P rotest Columbus bust in 
Saturday, in Detroit, and in Columbus, Ohio, protests expanded to targets beyond the confederacy to historical figures generally, starting with the man history credits with connecting worlds Old and New. His legacy has been questioned in recent years, and the Columbus Day holiday has become controversial due to Columbus' treatment of native Americans.
  The Columbus bust was never removed, but neither was the sheet when the protest became a march and moved to the Joe Louis fist at Woodward and Jefferson.
   Arthur Bowman, 27, turned the crowd's attention to the statue across the street on Jefferson: of George Washington, the first president of the United States.
  "That's just another symbol of white supremacy," Bowman said.
   As Polk explained: Their day is coming, but it is not today. More


The difference between death and taxes is death doesn't get worse every time Congress or the Legislature meets.


You with us? 

Our children and grand children need us to be good stewards of our blessings, including freedoms and liberty!  (Thanks, Kevin)

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So that the record of history is absolutely crystal clear. That there is no alternative way, so far discovered, of improving the lot of the ordinary people that can hold a candle to the productive activities that are unleashed by a free enterprise system

Did you know Dr. Milton Friedman was in Michigan the day he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize? He was here to help MCU promote the Tax Limitation Amendment that was approved by voters in November, 1978.   MCU -   Making a difference!


We believe the fuel tax increases and other fee and tax increases imposed by Michigan's legislature and governor over the last several years violate the Michigan Constitution. Are you willing to join an effort to investigate this and possibly file an action to roll back taxes? If yes, please email micpac.hughes@gmail.com

Not all tax proposals are equal. Beware - Under the so-called "fair tax" the current high tax rate$ are guaranteed and then increa$ed with each price increase - and it taxe$ service$, making millions of small companies into revenue agent$. Great idea, Bad proposal.

Only Whites can be Racists?
"All white people are racists. White people are not born to be human, but to be demons."   Video
   How are we ever to develop a dialogue with such as this? 

Off FB:
Gaj Wilcox - Who protests a free speech rally?
Dan Tollis - 1967 was the "Summ er of Love". Riots in Newark, Plainfield, Detroit and Minneapolis. And now 50 years later....
Sen. Jack Brandenburg · Over the weekend I caught Nancy Pelosi's rant on the television. She stated that we should tear down all confederate statues in the United States. How is the view from the cheap seats, Nancy? I have to question your sense of timing. Why didn't you bring this issue up three months ago, three years ago, or ten years ago? All this proves is that you are nothing but an ambulance chaser. Do you really think that taking down statues is going to improve race relations in the United States? You and your minions are part of the problem, not the solution. If I were a Democrat, I would tell you to not go away mad, just go away.
Jodie Brown - So it takes an eclipse to distract from Trump hate television huh? Enjoy while it lasts.
R. George Dunn - Stop using foreign law in Michigan and make sure Muslim Brotherhood gets on the terrorist list as well as ANTIFA!
Jennifer McArdle Knapp - Family of 5 standing outside Panera, panhandeling, surrounded by 4 signs that say "now hiring" #irony #filloutanapplication
W.J. Lundy - Someone needs to ask why.. instead of separating these groups with barriers like is usually done. Why were they instead confined together in a small space by barriers. Plenty of evidence that the police pushed these groups together.
Jeff Spring - Of course, the anti-BLM  protesters are guilty. You're a deplorable if you speak out or oppose any liberal hate group thereby inciting them to attack you.   The only non-racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, islamophobic, yada, yada, yada position is to capitulate rollover and spread your cheeks for any liberal cause or whim. Haven't you realized their obvious moral authority and superiority yet? Or, are you going to force them to sick righteously justified mobs on you with clubs before you become enlightened? Geez! I mean didn't you hear CNN and MSNBC tell you so.
Gene Perkins - We Americans need to face the facts of history. We need to face reality of evil forces at work now and right here!
Dave Agema - Pray for the president. When a democrat legislator is calling for the assisination of President Trump, we are living in anarchy. Those supporting the rallies are seeking the split and destruction of this country. Please look at the history of the democrat party- they have been the most racists. We don't know our history and we repeat it.
Neal Rohrs - On 7/8/16 Micah Xavier Johnson Ambushed and Assassinated 5 Dallas Police Offi cers during a BLM Protest. President Obama was a supporter and certainly never condemned BLM for blocking Interstates, Terrorizing Motorists, and chanting slogans about killing cops. Did the media blame President Obama for these Cop Murders? Nazi's ought to follow Hitler's example and off themselves, but I believe they have the right to say disgusting things. Crazy left wing groups can say and do anything. Beat Trump supporters burn buildings and that is called Social Justice. If you have 2 groups who are wearing helmets and carrying clubs both are to blame. A right wing psycho driving a car is no different than a left wing psycho with an AR 15. They are nuts and not the responsibility of the President.
Todd Gill - All the while liberals said very little in support of a white girl, Kate Steinle, who was shot in the head right in front of her father by an illegal alien who had re-entered the US from Mexico. In fact, many liberals fought the introduction of the Kate's Law bill, which aimed to mandate minimum prison sentences against illegal aliens that re-enter the US and commit murders against United States citizens of ALL races. Luckily, in spite of liberal opposition, that bill is now law. ALL lives matter
Adam DeAngeli - I've said it before and I'll say it again: G OD BLESS DONALD TRUMP!
Lisa Lindenberg Valentine - Retweeted Dinesh D'Souza:
If @realDonaldTrump is a Nazi for not calling out Nazis, was Obama an Islamic terrorist for not calling out Islamic terrorists?
Several friends: This goes out to all the members of ANTIFA, BLM, I'm here to help!!!Please Boycott and do NOT use the $1.00, $20.00, $50.00, & $100.00 bills, as they depict slave owners on them. Gather all of these hideous forms of racism and send them to me, and I will see to it that they are disposed of properly. You don't have to thank me, I do this as a public service for my country !!!
Debra Mantey-Eli - Every news story is a distraction with one goal: take down our new President. Don't be fooled about faux moral outrage.
Joanne Hopkins-Lucia - What are we going to do about this tragic situation about the Confederate Statues being removed? It's time for imput! We can't let the liberals DESTROY this country? What's next?
Bill Long It's all going off the rails! Just crazy!

++ Celebrate Patriot Week this upcoming 9/11 - 9/17.  Patriot Week renews America's spirit by celebrating the first principles, Founding Fathers and other patriots, vital documents, speeches and flags that make America the greatest nation in world history. Co-created in 2009 by  Judge Michael Warren and his then 10-year-old daughter Leah, Patriot Week has captured the imagination and support of citizens across the nation. For more information about events (including Patriot Festival, American Foundations Seminar, movie, runs, Leadership Forum, and others) and how you can participate, visit

Michigan Conservative Union
's Board of Directors has set a schedule that includes significant events for serious conservatives. Consider adding th
em to your calendar:
11/11/2017 Campaign Tool Kit - Seminar for candidates, families and staff - principles, strategy, tactics, tools.
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  Plans are going well. If you are in the UP, a committed conservative who wants to help plan this event email micpac.hughes@gmail.c om


Some Youth Make a Difference!
August 22, 2017

Total solar eclipses in USA last century Here
Don't look directly at the Sun, 
and please, do not look directly at how government spends our money, lol!

This Newsletter is a compilation of important news and views with links to more information. If you can't read it all, scan through it and maybe come back to it another day. If the entire newsletter is not on your screen. please scroll to the bottom and hit the  view entire message link.

President Donald J. Trump addressed the Nation Monday night from Fort Myer, Virginia, on the South Asia strategy. It was a brilliant discussion on how policy is changing and why. It sets new policies in Afganistan and Pakistan and challenges to India and other area nations.   "Our soldiers at war deserve to come home to country that is not at war." -  Trump.

T oday President Trump will travel to Arizona to tour the border and discuss securing our Nation. Wednesday, the President will address the National Convention of the American Legion in Nevada.

Celebrating 100 years of Selfridge Field
a strategic air base. Your editor was blessed to spend a day on the field with veterans who served out of Selfidge in Korea, Viet Nam, Iraq, Afganistan and protecting our borders, as we saw America's aerial might and brilliant history in the skies above. What a great day!
Patriot and major donor Foster Friess asserts that Trump has become a victim bulied by the media and is gaining supporters who see through the distorted press depiction   Vide o
Foster keynoted MiCPAC2013
Michigan Conservative Political Action Conference
"I very, very much want to be involved in helping those senators and congressmen and women who can embrace those special values that make America great,"....."Everyone knows why we're great is because of the free markets."
Foster Stephen Friess

We are at WAR! At stake - communism vs. America as we knew it. At least three of the four arrested for tearing down Civil War statues are communists, who also have infiltrated Black Lives Matter and other radical groups.  Link
   What will we do about it? We WILL do something about it or we will be overtaken. 
 In this issue we feature several comments from social media, by some who are fighting back in a peaceful way. Comments from activists like YOU are included. Useful information to share. 
   We change public policies by changing public knowledge and perceptions. We hope to inform you so you can inform others.  Feedback is always welcome by emailing thoughts and suggestions to micpac.hughes@gmail.com.   
   Because we receive so much information daily, it is not possible to include everything. We try to include links to some of the most important and interesting  Let's keep the faith and fight, for a free USA and opportunities for our children and grandchildren as we had. 

++ What a Successful College Career Looks Like - the interests and imagined possibilities of so many students tend to narrow rather than expand during higher education. As freshmen, he notes, many enter with big plans  to be poets, statesmen, teachers, filmmakers, or whatever, but are funneled into narrow tracks of career options and interests. The university hasn't, it would seem, enriched and enlarged their worlds, but instead has constrained and hampered them. then what does a successful college career look like? Here are five suggestions to consider.  Article  (Thanks, ISI)

1. Education is for your whole person & your whole life.
2. Read good books with good professors.
3. Form broad and deep patterns of relationship.
4. Serve.
5. Think family.  

National and International 
++ We are at war!   The radical far left, well funded by globalists (and tax dollars banked by Obama for this?), is in the face of anyone who beleives in God, traditional values, American mores, traditions and laws. 
  The attacks in Barcelona and protests in Boston are just the latest as radicals recruit opportunists and advertise in local papers, craigslist and other web sites for paid protesters, and mercenaries show up at rallies in face masks, hoodies and other costumes to make it more difficult to identify these goons who are often heavily armed.
   One person was attacked in Charlottesville by a flame thrower, trying to burn alive a peaceful protester at an event for which they had a legitimate permit. 

David Horowitz: The tragedy in Charlottesville could have been an occasion to stop and consider how the tolerance for politically correct violence and politically correct hatred is leading the nation towards civil war.
   Instead the media and the political left have turned this incident into the biggest fake news story of the summer, transforming its real lessons into a morality play that justifies war against the political right, and against white people generally.

++  While we're toppling offensive symbols, what about the Democratic Party? 
The Democratic Party historically is the party of slavery. The Democratic Party is the party of Jim Crow laws. The Democratic Party fought civil rights for a century. And so by rights - or at least by the standards established by the Cultural Revolutionaries of today's American left - we should ban the Democratic Party. 
   Not only get rid of it in the present, but strike its very name from the history books, and topple all Democratic statues of leaders who benefited, prospered and became wealthy by cleaving to the party. And shame Democrats until they confess the truth of it. The Democratic Party's military arm in the South was the KKK. The Democratic Party opposed the 14th and 15th Amendments to the Constitution, making the former slaves citizens of the United States and giving them the vote. 
  If the new Cultural Revolution was serious, wouldn't it also demand that the Democratic Party be put in a museum somewhere, away from decent people, along with those Confederate statues? More

++ Liberal Poll - Confederate statues should Stay: 
  • All American Adults favor keeping Confederate statues as historical symbols by a margin of 62-27 
  • African Americans: favor keeping 44-40 (white: 67-25, Latino: 65-24)
  • "Strong" Democrats only political sub-group in which a majority favor removal (34-57)
  • Even "Soft" Democrats favor keeping 52-33
  • All age demographics favor keeping by a margin of 30+
  • Both genders favor keeping by a margin of 30+

 10% more Democrats than Republicans were called by this NPR (National Public Radio) poll. Only 26% of polls takers were Republican. Like your Federal tax dollars spent on this? Poll Link

++ Most Republicans support President Donald Trump's claim that both sides were to blame for the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, according to a poll Friday on Axios
   Watching media coverage, you'd think Trump is nearly alone in believing "both sides" share fault for the Charlottesville violence. Turns out, most Republicans have his back. SurveyMonkey findings, previewed first for Axios readers, for an online poll yesterday with 2,181 respondents.
   Why it matters: These findings reflect the fact that, because of the nation's partisan divide and fractured media, we no longer agree on basic facts. That makes civil debate impossible.
 When presented with a verbatim quote from President Trump on Tuesday ("You had a group on one side that was bad, and you had a group on the other side that was also very violent"), more disagree (53%) than agree (43%).
 Republicans agreed, 87%-11%. Democrats disagreed, 83%-15%. Independents disagreed, 59%-39%.
 Far more blame "the far right groups" for Charlottesville (46%) than "the counter-protesters" (9%), but a remarkable 40% concur with Trump's assertion that both were equally responsible.

++ Terrorist Murder in BarcelonaTwo suspects are under arrest in Spain after a terrorist deliberately crashed a white van into a crowd of people in the center of Barcelona Thursday, killing 13 and injuring at least 50. "I heard screams and a bit of a crash and then I just saw the crowd parting and this van going full pelt down the middle of the Ramblas and I immediately knew that it was a terrorist attack or something like that," eyewitness Tom Gueller told the BBC.
   "It wasn't slowing down at all. It was just going straight through the middle of the crowds in the middle of the Ramblas."
   Witness Ethan Spibey told Britain's Sky News: "All of sudden it was real chaos. People just started running screaming, there were loud bangs. People just started running into shops, there was a kind of mini-stampede where we were, down one of the alleyways." More
   Update: today they announced the Van killer has himself been killed. 

++  Bannon leaves White House -  "
 "If there's any confusion out there, let me clear it up: I'm leaving the White House and going to war for Trump against his opponents -- on Capitol Hill, in the media, and in corporate America," 

Conservatives lose advocate inside W.H. 
President loses 
Chief Strategist

   Bannon left the White House Friday, ending a controversial tenure as the administration is engulfed in a storm over the president's remarks on violence in Virginia. Bannon's departure was agreed on mutually with new White House Chief of Staff John Kelly, White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said.
   Bannon declared that the Trump presidency was "over." "The Trump presidency that we fought for, and won, is over," he said. "We still have a huge movement, and we will make something of this Trump presidency. But that presidency is over."
Bannon said President Trump's administration would "be much more conventional" in the wake of his departure. He also said his absence from the White House will likely make it "much harder" for Trump to pave a way forward on issues like "economic nationalism and immigration."
   Republicans would "moderate" Trump, Bannon predicted. The GOP just hasn't backed Trump well, Bannon said. "Now, it's gonna be Trump," he told the Standard. "I just think his ability to get anything done - particularly the bigger things, like the wall, the bigger, broader things that we fought for, it's just gonna be that much harder."
   Bannon maintained that he was excited to be returning to Breitbart and lead the opposition from there. "Now I'm free. I've got my hands back on my weapons," he said. "Someone said, 'it's Bannon the Barbarian.' I am definitely going to crush the opposition. There's no doubt. I built a f-cking machine at Breitbart. And now I'm about to go back, knowing what I know, and we're about to rev that machine up. And rev it up we will do." Article

  ++ Trump Is Said to Abandon Plan for Council on Infrastructure - Article

   In our opinion the idea of spending One Trillion Dollars on government infrastructure is overkill by a considerable number. IF such a spending were to happen, at the very least it should be bartered to eliminate Davis Bacon so competition for the work includes ALL contractors, not just those willing to side up to unions or pay higher union wages. Let the free market work!

++ Trump & Sessions on Sanctuary Cities   PLAN!

++ Antifa - "They are paid thugs out to destroy American History  and get as much TV time as they can get." An insider's view of Charlottesville violence - wherever antifa has shown up over the last three years they come to terrorize. Ferguson, Berkley and Baltimore and places in between where street violence has broken out.. Antifa has played a significant role. The Alt-Right group got the worse of it. Antifa - as usual - came armed to the teeth. 
   The Alt-Right were penned into a very small park with no bathrooms. Every time they had to find a porta-potty they had to run this gauntlet of violence...
  1,000 surrounded by 4-5,000. The violence became worse when it became obvious that the cops had no intention of intervening. More  (Thanks, Marcy)

++ We are following the drama as Michigan Public Service Commission preparing to intentionally ignore direct legislative directive  - Information indicates MSPC is planning to ignore three of its own staff attorneys by trying to reduce the 10%  open martket (why not 100%?) allowed in state laws, by forcing providers of the lower cost 10% to generate their power in Michigan. A face-off is looming at a planned House Energy Committee hearing next month. More next issue.  

++ False Rape Charge - 4 years, $2k? 
Delta College student Mary Zolkowski is facing felony charges for allegedly making a false rape after she offered contradictory accounts of an alleged incident to campus police. Zolkowski now faces up to four years and a $2,000 fine if she is convicted on the charges of one count of false report of a felony Link (Thanks, Nick)

++ MCU Chair on Tough Talk TV show - Spending more on Education has not improved results. Reducing class sizes has not worked. Michigan is 41st in quality in a Nation that is 31st in the World. Tennessee, Indiana and Frolida, the 2nd, 3rd and 6th best states for education, are turning out better students at $2,500 to $5500 a student less. Private schools 230 of Michigan's 829 public high schools did not graduate even one college ready student, and  only 40 public high schools had 30% college ready. Great teachers deserve merit pay, lousy teachers need to be removed. Some Private schools are doing better at 1/2 to 1/3 the cost. See the program Here 

++ Looking for another vehicle -  Trying to buy one of those beautiful shiny vevicles is n ot easy! And the taxes - outrageous. For new vehicles the game is they have jacked up Manufacturers Suggested Retail Prices (MSRP) - about $10,000 for many cars, because about 70% are now leased and lease prices are based on MSRP less end of lease value. Lessors look at monthly payments, not vehicle price. If you are buying, with miscellaneous discounts (anyone want to be my friend or family?) you can knock off several thousand, but the taxes are still based on MSRP.  
    We had a salesman tell us that lowering taxes to the actual sale price would boost sales significantly. More sales, more jobs. More government revenue. The Laffer Curve works.          
   Same at lumber yards, department stores, etc. They offer discounts or rebates, but the taxes are still on the artifical MSRP. It is a big lie! And a false tax. Cheated!
    Even if a vehicle is 10 years old worth 20% of new, license plates are based on original MSRP. Many larger families on limited income drive the older "boats" - Cadillacs, Continentals, Buicks, Grand Marquis. Is it not descriminatory to make them buy tabs for their car worth  $4,000   as if it were new; based on maybe a new value of $ 50,000?      Legislature, can you fix this?

++ Looking for another vehicle - Part II -  We were shocked in a Chevy dealership a couple days ago. Vehicles made in Mexico with 40% "North American" parts and 45% Mexican parts, or was it the other way around? Same in a Ford dealership, less than 50% North American (how much of that is USA?) content, but the vehicle might be made in Canada? The most USA/Canada content for a truck in Toyoto. If you want to be patriotic and support USA jobs you have to buy a foreign brand? 
   A Ford pickup off the lines in Dearborn has a delivery charge of $ 1195.00 in Oakland County. Can we go to the plant and just drive it home? No. not in Michigan. To stop Tessla the Republican legislature and Governor passed a law requiring vehicles to be sold through dealerships.  
   Two years ago, looking for a light SUV, we shopped all brands of American and some foreign vehicle dealers. The one with the most American content was Suburu Outback, 78% USA, assembled in the best (non-union) assembly plant in the World in Lafayette, Indiana. 
   It was rattling a few years ago when the Chair of GM bragged 70% of their products are made outside the USA, and Cadillac payed for the 50th year celebration of communists taking over China. Doesn't the UAW and USA Government own some of GM? 
   But then, "President" Obama gave Chrysler to Fiat who owned about 13%? Now Chrysler is negotiating a possible sale to one of several Chinese companies? 
  It is hard to remain loyal to USA companies who are not loyal to us. 

++ Teacher absenteeism - 180 days a year too many to work? Bureau of Labor Statistics figures show that substitute teachers account for 18.0 percent of all K-12 teachers in Michigan. This is much higher than the national average of 12.3 percent. 268 of Plymouth-Canton's 970 teachers - 28 percent - were not in their classrooms on 20 or more days in the 2016-17 school year. This is out of a 186.5-day annual work schedule.
   Six teachers missed over 100 days; one missed 157, all of which were claimed as sick days. The union contract allows teachers to earn sick days if they teach another class in lieu of the regularly scheduled planning period. The contract states that up to 180 unused sick days can be carried over from year to year, or stockpiled.
   "I think it is alarming the amount of absenteeism not only in our students, but also our adult population.  I think it is a problem," said State Rep. Tim Kelly, R-Saginaw Township, who chairs the House Education Reform Committee. "If you are absent 10 percent of the time you are supposed to be on the job, I think that's excessive. That seems like a big number to be gone. Article  (Thanks MCPP)
Show us your support! More resources allow more results. Together we can accomplish great things! 
Dr. Russell Kirk's   
The Conservative Mind  began the modern conservative movement and was the guide Barry Goldwater, Ronald Reagan, Wm.F. Buckley, Jr., and others looked to for clarity and focus on "the permanent things."  
Linked here a
Among Dr. Russell Kirk Quotes:
+ "If you want to have order in the commonwealth, you first have to have order in the individual soul."
+ "Men cannot improve a society by setting fire to it: they must seek out its old virtues, and bring them back into the light."
+ "To check centralization and usurping of power ... we require a new laissez-faire. The old laissez-faire was founded upon a misapprehension of human nature, an exultation of individuality (in private character often a virtue) to the condition of a political dogma, which destroyed the spirit of community and reduced men to so many equipollent atoms of humanity, without sense of brotherhood or purpose."
+ "If a conservative order is indeed to return, we ought to know the tradition which is attached to it, so that we may rebuild society; if it is not to be restored, still we ought to understand conservative ideas so that we may rake from the ashes what scorched fragments of civilizations escape the conflagration of unchecked will and appetite."
+ "In any society, order is the first need of all. Liberty and justice may be established only after order is tolerably secure. But the libertarians give primacy to an abstract liberty. Conservatives, knowing that "liberty inheres in some sensible object," are aware that true freedom can be found only within the framework of a social order, such as the constitutional order of these United States. In exalting an absolute and indefinable "liberty" at the expense of order, the libertarians imperil the very freedoms they praise."
+ "A just government maintains a healthy tension between the claims of authority and the claims of liberty."
Conservatives believe in truth, and the other permanent things. Please consider joining and/or supporting Michigan's Conservative Team. 


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