Give to the Max offers chance
to revisit what's important  

November is a time to be thankful for our families, friends, health and the things we enjoy in the Midwest. At ProAct, we are also thankful for the roles we play in people's lives. 
Our goal to be the provider of choice in our communities drives us to do better, even during difficult times. We want people to be safe, and we also want them to live full lives through employment, life skills and enrichment programming.

While the number of people we serve and the way we provide services has changed due to COVID-19, the spirit and purpose of ProAct remain the same. People with disabilities have barriers to engagement in community life, and we help them to overcome those obstacles. You can help us this month by participating in our Give to the Max campaign.

In past years, we've focused this effort on special programming, transportation and other causes. This year, we need help to shore up the core services we offer. Traditional funding streams are not yet covering our costs due to constraints from the state and participants who have not yet returned for a variety of reasons.

Those who have returned for services are genuinely thankful for your support. We can't see their smiles in these photos, but they are there.

Please consider a generous gift this year through Give to the Max. We are thankful for you, and excited about the future.


ProAct President